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UPDATED TODAY: Sprint network fails again. Huge number of customers effected. Major disappointment: outages in Voice, 4G and now even 3G! Many cities including Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston San Antonio...


UPDATED TODAY: Sprint network fails again. Huge number of customers effected. Major disappointment: outages in Voice, 4G and now even 3G! Many cities including Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston San Antonio...

Sprint having a major 4G & 3G slow down/outage in Dallas areas?

So ever since 30th of October2010, the Sprint network in Dallas and north Dallas has been slowed down to a crawl. My friends and I have called Sprint many times and spent so many hours on the phone with the Advanced Tech Support teams, engineers, supervisers, etc. The problem continues to be extremely slow download and upload speeds with extremely high latency. At the same locations where we used to get 3-7mbps download speeds, we are now getting 1.3 kbps speeds!!! THAT"S EVEN SLOWER THAN DIAL-UP!!! We tested dozens of devices, EVO, and Epic and the results are the same. Even tested Sorint's own devices at their own stores (EVO and Epic) and got the same results in this area. After weeks of calling, Sprint has opened ticket with ClearWire and the problem still is not fixed. Although in the first few months the speed was good, now it is absolutely horrible. So we were wondering if other people are experiencing the same around here?

Just for the kicks, here is a portion of our speed tests and the super SLOW speed we are getting:






Notice the speeds are in kbps. We used to get speeds of 3-7 mbps but for the past few weeks, we have been getting basically slower connection than dial-up. We'll update this post IF and WHEN sprint fixes the issue. SO FAR NO LUCK 😞

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i live in Frisco and work in Carrollton and have an almost unusable 4G connection in both cities.  there will be moments where i am able to go over 1mb but those are far and few between...

i have put in 2 calls with Sprint none of which have been resolved.  i also have several other coworkers that all have the same issue.  they too have called but there seems to be no end to this issue.


This isn't good... from article in the online Wall Street Journal on the Dec 2nd:

Sprint is counting on its 4G wireless service, which uses Clearwire's network, to drive subscriber growth. But tensions between the companies have risen this year, as Clearwire charted a more independent course. In September, Clearwire prompted three Sprint directors, including CEO Dan Hesse, to resign from its board. Replacements were announced Thursday.

Read more:

Sprint has lost its leverage with Clearwire... the company that controls all of the WiMax (4G) infrastructure.  No wonder why Sprint is dodging all of the performance concerns posted here!


I recently purchased the Evo 4G (around thanksgiving) and live in Lewisville.  I've been around several areas in DFW and have NEVER seen the 4G symbol on my phone, just the typical 3G with speeds that aren't all that fast.

I might head up to the sprint store to see what's up.


You did turn on the 4G right?  It isn't on by default.  Even though I find it to be slower, the 4G coverage has continued to grow!


Wow....I'm not an Evo or Epic user...but I do feel your pain.  Heck, any iDEN subscriber can relate to all of you users who purchased an Evo or Epic and are being charged a fee for something that isn't working, and when you call customer service to have the issue addressed, the issue is ignored (at best).

I mean, I KNOW Sprint hates us Nextel folks since we keep calling them out on the garbage that they claim is service, but to think that they're ignoring the WiMAX network that they actually believe is going to be how they fix everything?!? LOL.  Heck, instead of fixing things, they're shooting me emails stating that the font size I use is too big!  Huh?  If 36pt font (which I actually don't use all that often unless I'm trying to make a serious point) is forbidden, then why is it even allowed?!?  Don't believe me?  Click on the "Size" pull-down menu on the left when you type a Reply...notice that the font size can vary from 8 point to 36 point.  So, if 36 point font is too big, then why does Sprint offer it to us to use in a reply in the first place?

Anyhow, back on topic, has there been ANY improvement in your 3G (let alone 4G) download/upload speeds?  signal strength?  Are you STILL having to re-open previously closed tickets on this matter?  And, does anyone know just how big this problem is?  Seems like it's not just a Texas thing, but a Texas and Utah thing...I wonder if Baltimore, Chicago, etc. are having similar issues.

In the mean time, good luck.  I'd say be patient because good things come to those who wait, but us Nextel folks know now that the "good things" part is merely wishful thinking.


Im in San antonio on 3G, my sister has an Evo 4G, and she has the same issue too.

i consistently get .01 - .3 mbps on my moment.

i switched in july trying to have it resolved before my 30 days and never did, i recently was able to have my contract terminated while looking for a new provider, but this issue is still present and when i call all they say is their info shows all the towers in my area are performing at 95% or above.

i wouldnt mind staying with sprint if this were fixed, no one wants to admit theres a problem.

i saw online somewhere that 4g for sprint is a hardware add on to each tower. i say just rip out 4g and start from scratch. cause it clearly isnt working, i havent met anyone whos 4g works as its supposed to and they continue to charge the 4g fee.

at least the 3g would be faster than dialup. cause at this point, id settle for a dial up speed connection.


I have had Sprint for over a year and a half now in Austin, TX, starting with the Pre, moving to the Hero and now on the Evo.  I've had my Evo since the first day it sold (summer) and have never had any issues with data service or voice calling in Austin.  I used to have the iPhone, and LOVED my Sprint service after switching from AT&T.  Keep in mind that I have a friend that's a manager for a Sprint store with an Evo as well, and he experiences all the problems I do.  Actually, I have 4 friends with Evos and others with 3G Sprint phones such as the Hero or Pre, and they all say data is slow as molasses.

At about the exact time (end of Nov) as the originator of this thread said, my data speeds went to crap.  It is extremely varied, what my download speeds are now, going from barely over 10kbps to maybe 400-500kbps with 3G on a good day (using, like I always have).  1000-2000kbps on 3G anywhere in the city was the norm before the end of November, with it dipping to 500kbps occasionally.  500kbps is the maximum I get now, on 3G.  As for 4G, I don't use it that much as Austin's network kinda sucks for coverage.  But when I did use it, it was much faster than it is now. I used to get over 4mpbs all the time.  Now I'm lucky to go over 1mbps.

I don't even care if 3G is as fast as it used to be, I just want it to work.  Massive latency and 15kbps download rates are NOT what I pay for.

I have called Sprint once, and have gotten nothing from Advanced Technical Support.  They have no idea of any data issues.  It's very frustrating as it's obviously not my phone because all of my friend's phones are affected as well.

Google Maps takes FOREVER to load anything.  Anything that uses data just crawls.  When I run a test, the latency is insanely long and the test often pauses mid-test multiple times, the data flat stopping and then resuming, albeit at a crawl.

Something is wrong.

I went to NYC 2 weeks ago and experienced similar findings, although 4G worked extremely well there, coverage-wise.  But, I can't say that NYC has the same problem as Austin/Texas because I've only been once and don't have a history to compare it to there.

I LOVED my Sprint coverage, but ever since the end of November, it has been nearly as bad as AT&T's.  I've even dropped calls, which literally never has happened before.

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I too have experienced the same issues in the DFW area.  I live in the Frisco, but anywhere I travel in the metroplex I get ridiculously slow 3G speeds and generally subpar reception when entering buildings.  I have the Palm Pre and also notice significant battery drain because the 3G radio is constantly trying to pull down data when it can't.  I came to Sprint back in March when I lived in Missouri and had a generally positive experience.  But since I moved here in July, my experience has gotten increasingly worse, from poor reception to now not having adequate 3G speeds.  You'd think that in a major metro area such as this one, they'd do a better job of recognizing and correcting an issue of this caliber.

Please Sprint, if you are listening, we need acknowledgement and action on this issue ASAP.


I have had 4g in Dallas for a couple of months.  A couple days ago, I couldn't connect at all.  Sprint CSRs say that there is a  nationwide outage and there is no estimated time for when it will be resolved.  It took 3 CSRs before I actually had someone acknowledge that there was a problem.


Hello! I'm in Austin and I've been having the same issue for the last day or two. Using HTC Evo. Slow speeds for both "4G" and 3G per app.

Speed is down from 4-5 Mbps down / 1 Mbps up with 4G and .75 Mbps/.5 Mbps for 3G (as from previously) to

  .75 Mbps down / .35 Mbps up with 4G // .25 M down and >.2 M up with 3G (now)

Chat rep claimed there was no outage, then after checking with a sup, all of sudden there was. Hopefully they will get this resolved soon, and I hope it's not related to Clear's problems because of the shared network. I have Clear for my home service, and I've given up hope for them.DSpe



I have been having the same issues here in Denver Colorado. Recently getting slow network speeds on my EVO.  Normally I would see about 800Kbps to almost 2.5Mbps down.  Now I am seeing average at 300Kbps. Also the call quality has gone down alot, dropping calls at places I normally have awesome coverage.

I had sprint on and off for about 3 years, and never had this issue before. 

What is going on Sprint?


Well as an update, I still cannot connect to 4g.  5 phone calls, an online chat, and a store visit later, they are replacing the hardware on Tuesday.  Hopefully a new phone will at least put me back to normal.

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