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UPDATED TODAY: Sprint network fails again. Huge number of customers effected. Major disappointment: outages in Voice, 4G and now even 3G! Many cities including Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston San Antonio...


UPDATED TODAY: Sprint network fails again. Huge number of customers effected. Major disappointment: outages in Voice, 4G and now even 3G! Many cities including Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston San Antonio...

Sprint having a major 4G & 3G slow down/outage in Dallas areas?

So ever since 30th of October2010, the Sprint network in Dallas and north Dallas has been slowed down to a crawl. My friends and I have called Sprint many times and spent so many hours on the phone with the Advanced Tech Support teams, engineers, supervisers, etc. The problem continues to be extremely slow download and upload speeds with extremely high latency. At the same locations where we used to get 3-7mbps download speeds, we are now getting 1.3 kbps speeds!!! THAT"S EVEN SLOWER THAN DIAL-UP!!! We tested dozens of devices, EVO, and Epic and the results are the same. Even tested Sorint's own devices at their own stores (EVO and Epic) and got the same results in this area. After weeks of calling, Sprint has opened ticket with ClearWire and the problem still is not fixed. Although in the first few months the speed was good, now it is absolutely horrible. So we were wondering if other people are experiencing the same around here?

Just for the kicks, here is a portion of our speed tests and the super SLOW speed we are getting:






Notice the speeds are in kbps. We used to get speeds of 3-7 mbps but for the past few weeks, we have been getting basically slower connection than dial-up. We'll update this post IF and WHEN sprint fixes the issue. SO FAR NO LUCK 😞

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Still no 4G in San Antonio...and the 3G on my overdrive is as slow as christmas!



Sprint replaced my Epic and my 4g seems to be back to normal.  I've been reading some threads and apparently I am not alone with having issues with the Epic having hardware issues.  So, if you are having a similar problem, I recommend going to the Sprint store and having them replace your phone.


I am in San Diego and have also noticed the same issues on my pre. Averaging data speeds of 200kbps compared to an earlier average of at least 500-600kpbs. Not sure why exactly but there is definitely something different lately with their network. Dropped calls and spotty data signals are really starting to get on my nerves when when I use my phone for everything. Data speeds especially have been extremely slooooow lately! Please sprint  you are the "now network"...I want my data now not in 20 minutes.


I'm a ways away from you guys; but I have a business account with 15 phones in Bloomington, IL and my smartphones are getting on average 10-100 kbps download and always 999ms latency.  I have called tech support, my business rep, emailed sprintcares, and went on the facebook page and no one wants to do anything or admit to anything.  One rep said they would open a ticket for me and then I called back to check it and she hadn't even opened one.  Another Rep wanted me to do a hard reset on my phone even though my other phones on the plan were having the same problems (Evo, Epic, Blackberry).  If this isn't resolved soon we will have no choice but to port our 15 lines over to Verizon, as data at this speed, for what we rely on it for on our smartphones in today's business world, is not acceptable.   I hope they don't expect to charge us one ETF.   We have had Sprint and Nextel for almost 12 years and never had an issue, and the thing is if they would just say we need to update a tower, here is the time frame, we would stick with them and wait it's all the "our network does not have any issues in your area sir" that is driving me insane to the point of leaving.  If you're a Sprint Executive or even mid level manager, listen to your customers and just be honest about what's going will get you way further than covering things up like they don't exist.


That's the thing, the network has no issues in your area, it's just there are ten other people on their phones and "our network" is throttling to 1XRTT so that people can at least continue to talk to each other.

overcrowding and congestion, I still believe this is the bottom line.--If sprint admits their network bogs down under expected network traffic, then everyone would have a reason to jump ship and not pay an ETF.  (Coming from someone who has been trapped with utterly pathetic 3G data rates for quite sometime now.)


I have an EVO and an Overdrive and am in Portland OR - I have noticed marked differences over the past few months - with the most challenges with both devices in the past two weeks -

DNS lost - I keep having to reset my Overdrive every ten minutes - this is too much to deal with an paying $60 for that and then more to use the EVO as a hotspot!

Getting sick of it here and going to have to cancel this - pay ETF - and find another option if it doesn't clear up quick!    


My U301 aircard keeps dropping the connection, It did not do this a couple of months ago, It keeps dropping the whole time I am on this web site.

A friend of mine at work has a Sprint aircard and he called Sprint last week and they told him they were having big problems with people losing connections.  This is getting ridiculous!


As someone else from Bloomington IL already mentioned, I am a ways away from DFW, but I too have pretty slow speeds the majority of the time. I get next to no 3g coverage in my neighborhood even though I show on the map as being in the best area to have coverage. If I am in my house I can pretty much forget about any speeds worth having. Typically between 50-100 KB down and 25-75 upload @ my house. Although I did just run a test in my living room and got 317/541. However, it is almost midnight so I dont think many folks are using data now.

The strange thing is just how much they fluctuate. Sometimes at work I can pull 1500-1600 downloads and 800-900 uploads. Other times Im lucky to get 100kb either way.

I have been lucky enough to get 4g coverage here and there around town and can get around 3500 or so up if Im lucky. But the highest upload I got was only 364 (slower than what I've gotten on a good 3g connection). I'd like to think that this is a temp problem considering I just left AT&T and I even paid a Term Fee to do it...Considering that I routinely would get close to 2mb down and 1 up on AT&T 3g, Sprint better fix their issues soon or I certainly wont be bringing my wife over from AT&T.


I'm in Minnesota and for the past month my HTC Hero has been in roaming and when I contacted Sprint they told there was a 4g outage in my area too! I may switch to AT&T since my bill wouldn't change much!


This is a great post with all the performance numbers. We should all start doing this. I am a new Sprint customer and I have seen the data performance of 3g and "4g" tank in South Florida in the last month. Sad to see that Sprint and Clearwire are screwing up the "sometime in the last year" network.


4g is totally disappointing!

I understand that 4g is not available in my home area but in the last  six months I have had business trips to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New  York City where I spent a month in each city. All of these cities  supposedly have had 4g service activated.  In all three cities I tried  using 4g on my EVO in various locations in and around the downtown  areas. In each location of each city, I was lucky to get my 4g radio to  connect at all and when it did, it would only stay connected briefly and  then the connection would drop. When I was connected, the speed of the  4g service was way less than stellar and actually was slower than  Sprints 3g for the brief periods it would connect. In New York City I  saw a huge Sprint billboard near 42nd st. and 7th. Ave. that bragged  about Sprint 4g now being active in New York City. I stood there looking  at that billboard and tried to get my 4g to connect and had the same  crappy results that I had everywhere else. I updated everything on the  phone and pulled the battery and tried again in various locations near  that billboard corner but was never able to connect and/or stay  connected to 4g.

How incredibly disappointing this is!  I have  been a loyal customer for a number of years. I have 5 phones on my  account and was about to add a 6th until the tri-fecta failure of  Sprints 4g service in the 3 largest cities in the United States. I am at  the point now where I am ready to take my 6th line to Verizon. The way  it seems to me is that Sprint has been charging me a premium for the  priviledge to have a phone that is supposed to be able to do 4g but they  have not been able to deliver on the contract they expect me to be  bound to. I will have to look at my other options since Sprint has  essentially failed me.

How disappointing indeed!


I'm seeing a problem exactly like the one described here ( It first appeared yesterday but

cleared up last night.  Now it's back -- very slow downloads. Around 250 kbps (4g) but perfectly normal uploads.  This problem came on

suddenly yesterday and apparently cleared up quickly.  I'm in Thornton Colo. zip 80229.  Usually have excellent service.

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