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Unable to make/receive phone calls?


Unable to make/receive phone calls?

Is anyone having issues making/receiving phone calls?? This started for me around 4PM today and now my boyfriends phone is doing the same thing.  We are on the same account.  All other features of the phone (text, email, etc.) are still working.  Is it just us?


Same here in east central indiana. All 5 of my lines a

re not able to text or call, send or receive

I am sorry that you are having issues with making and receiving phone calls. Can I please get a zip code and or an address close by so I can pinpoint if there is an outage in your calling market.




I have had this problem for months. It started out as soon as Sprint picked up the iPhone (I had a Blackberry Curve 8350). I barely had one bar of reception, and calls would go straight to voicemail and I wouldn't get text messages until hours later when I left my home neighborhood. Outbound calls would fail, repeatedly, unless my phone went into roaming.

Interestingly, my husband also has a Sprint phone (an iphone) through work and has NEVER had this problem, which is why I thought it would improve after I got an iPhone.

I just got an iPhone 4s, and I'm having the same issues. My husband's phone (corporate account) still works fine

I am in Chicago, zip code 60647, close major address is 3400 W. Fullerton.


Same thing for both of my lines. It takes multiple times for any calls to connect. I will CANCEL if sprint doesn't improve it's service soon. Never had this problem with Verizon. My zip is 46526.


I have started having the same problem as of this afternoon. Around 3pm central. First it was my wifes phone, and now mine too. Our Zipcode is 75035, I did a soft reset, hard reset, reset network connections, took sim card out  etc, and it says phone can not be activated...It doesnt say spring on next to the bars..Mine still does.

I am able to still send texts, but Ive been told that if people call me, it will ring a few times and it goes to voicemail...Pretty frustrating.

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, when i set up her phone using itunes, it says is not activated, when i set it up as a new phone, it doesnt say that, but if i go under network, it says not available on both.


I have 3 phones on my account.  No service (phone and text) on any of the phones.  It started this morning at 11:00am (05/13/2012) my zip code is 75035.  I cant even call *2 (Sprint customer service)...what's up?


Having the same issue zip code 78664, iPhone 4s not able to recieve/make calls. I am able to recieve texts/emails (but I am also connected to WiFi so maybe that's the only reason I am able to do those). Someone help!

*Edit* My wife's phone (same as mine, and same account) is not working either!


78758 - Unable to send or receive calls since mid-morning. Texts are working on and off, sometimes deliverable as iMessages, sometimes as SMS, sometimes not at all. Tried turning the phone on/off, a hard reset, and contacted online chat who did something behind the scenes and had me turn my phone on and off twice and who swore it would be fixed in an hour if I just waited and turned my phone on and off again. Then again, they also told me to call tech support after it was fixed which I protested was impossible because if it were fixed, I wouldn't need to call, and if it wasn't fixed, I wouldn't be *able* to call. DUMB.

Any updates/fixes?


78641 Leander,TX...Same thing 2 iphone 4s's no calls but can text etc...very angry i had to call 911 and couldnt because of this.


Taylor, Tx 76574...Unable to receive or make calls anywhere (not in Killeen,Georgetown,Round Rock, Austin) or text, the texts we receive are very late,or you receive 20 of the same one. We all have full bars, but nothing is happening!!!!!! I'm so mad, it's the 3rd time in less than 6 months. And their excuse is 'THE TOWERS ARE DOWN" the tower map doesn't even show towers around here, maybe in the future they are going to build one in Round Rock. Back in december we were 22 days with no signal (we have 5 lines) at least they give me a discount for 2 weeks. We are paying for nothing, this is the worst phone company ever. Ah, and they offer me "TO BUY" something to improve my signal for $120.


78641 - all day with no service, still no service.  Chatted with Sprint earlier this evening, they said service should be restored by 2100 hrs.  Been with Sprint for est. 15 yrs, love their service, but sure wish we could get some sort of an update.

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