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Unusable data speeds 30303 (GSU in ATL) w/ -60dBm


Unusable data speeds 30303 (GSU in ATL) w/ -60dBm

This issue appears all around Georgia State campus in downtown Atlanta, with most my testing done near 100 Decatur St (the library and surrounding buildings)

While signal stregnth is quite good (often -60 to -70 dBm), during the busy parts of the day speed tests will often indicate .01 - .04Mbps downloads which is far from usable, or .08Mbps if I'm lucky. Ping times hover around 1000ms, when connections aren't failing completely.. which is unfortunately quite often. [Of course, come around at night when the 30,000+ students arent there, and DLs easily hit 2.1Mbps]

Most often, at this location I am connected to two towers: PN Offset 447 mostly, but also PN 48, amongst others

All tests were run both with an iPhone 4S as well as with an EVO 4G using the latest ***83 PRLs.

Please look into this issue. GSU alone (not even counting the condos, businesses, and visitors) regularly has tens of thosands of people in this area each day, and even if only a fraction of those people use Sprint, you are still talking about a massive issue affecting 5-10K people daily, isolated within 6-10 city blocks.

I'm glad that Sprint / Ericson has apparently been doing tower upgrades all around the metro area, and I have seen drastic improvements in many areas (heck, I can ALMOST stream Pandora songs without multiple rebuffers in my daily commute.) Still though, much more work needs to be done, especially in areas like these. I really hope it will be resolved soon.


Re: Unusable data speeds 30303 (GSU in ATL) w/ -60dBm

While I really wasn't initially looking for a response, other than maybe a rep saying that they flagged this area to test and look into... after checking the site again, I also see that several Atlanta towers that were planned to be updated in the future no longer show planned upgrades!!

This is outrageous, considering the terrible speeds and dropped connections around Atlanta during 9-6pm. It now only shows 18 planned upgrades (when zoomed to 30312), and 7 of those are only voice! At one point, it showed 30-something. Originally I thought that this may be because the new updates were already done and recored as past updates, but: 1) not only do I not see the updates applied to several of the towers that had been planned (seen by clicking on the towers for details)... but 2) the speeds around ATL in the areas that were previously flagged as due for upgrades, but now show none... are still terrible during peak hours (see above for similar speeds)

If this is indicative to how service issues will continue to be ignored while data speeds further decline around town, then I really will have to reevaluate keeping my service (especially when my other 4 phones are AT&T, and adding my line BACK to that family plan would actually be cheaper than my current Sprint plan.) If Sprint thinks that speeds of <0.1Mbps aren't low enough to warrant upgrades, then the bar they've set for service is so low that you probalby couldn't even stub your toe on it. Come on guys, if this is all you get from your $5billion contract with Ericsson to manage your network, you guys got shafted. (Makes this article funny/sad in retrospect)

I understand that with Sprint, I get unlimited data... but how is that useful when Siri can't connect, iCloud music won't play, and websites take minutes to load unless I'm either connected with Wifi, or out in the less dense suburbs?

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