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Unusable phone in Tulsa area (74103, 74114, etc)


Unusable phone in Tulsa area (74103, 74114, etc)

I had an Evo 4g for a couple of years and it was working good until a few months ago when mass dropped calls started happening.  I upgraded recently to the new Evo 4g LTE and it's doing the same thing, the problem is getting worse.


- Dial a number, it connects, drops immediately

- Dial a number, it connects, you have about 3 to 10 seconds of connection, then call drops

- Cannot receive calls at all

- Missing texts

- Incoming phone call disconnects before you can answer it

- Incoming phone call disconnects immediatly after answering

- Incoming phone call disconnects after 3 to 10 seconds

I left downtown Tulsa yesterday after work to drive to a Sprint store to get my phone looked at (it's NOT my phone, it's the damn network).  I had about 10 dropped calls before I could even get to the store.  The guy at the store basically told me I'm out of luck, it's because Sprint is screwing with the towers "upgrading" them. 

I cannot use this phone, it's worthless.  I'm not willing to wait for the tower upgrades, I need a phone that works every single day.

1) How can I get out of this 2 year contract for a phone that doesnt work?

2) I bought this Evo 4G LTE pre order direclty from Sprint, I'd like to return it, how do I proceed?


Re: Unusable phone in Tulsa area (74103, 74114, etc)

I'm assuming that you have tried doing a factory reset on your phone ect. So I'm not going to offer you tech support. But I will answer you questions.

1) Call sprint, explain that your not able to use your services. They might be able to revome your cancelation fee.

2) If you have had your phone for less than 14 days you can request a return kit and get some sort of refund. If its been longer than that they do offer a buy back program, you might be able to get a decent amount back from them.


Re: Unusable phone in Tulsa area (74103, 74114, etc)

My husband and I have the EVO 4G Shift.  We are up in the Owasso area.  Since the beginning of Spring, we BOTH have had MANY dropped calls, etc.  I tried my mom's phone (also on our account but a non-smartphone) one weekend recently, made a lot of calls, and did not experience any dropped calls.  Reading through different forums, it seems to be a HTC EVO problem.  My husband has been with Sprint for over 15 years and I have been a loyal HTC fan.  But the EVO 4G phones have been a HUGE disappointment!  I just don't believe Sprint when they keep claiming it is a tower issue/upgrade when other Sprint customers (that don't have the EVO) don't seem to experience the same problems. 

We live here in Owasso but husband works in Tulsa.  We drive a lot over this whole area (BA, Jenks, Bixby, Claremore, etc) and experience the same dropped calls and bad service.  I can't believe that many towers have issues/upgrades all at once.

FYI, one phone is in contract, the other is not.  I will not renew or get into another contract with Sprint so to buy new phones (non-HTC) we do not want to spend a huge amount of money out of pocket.  Just wished these phones would work!

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