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Update to Photon 4G LTE on Nov 6 causes loss of wireless connectivity.


Update to Photon 4G LTE on Nov 6 causes loss of wireless connectivity.

Received an Automatic Update to my Photon 4G LTE phone yesterday, Nov 6, 2012 and it caused a total loss of wireless connectivity.

Update  7.7 1Q-6_SPR-125_ASA-10

Error message # 16 switch 122 would be broadcast then I'd get switched to " your wireless service provider" which causes me to think that hackers have control of my phone. Why doesn't Sprint just state that it's my wireless service provider instead of some generic B.S. message ??

I get prompted to enter my 10 digit phone number but the system wouldn't even recognize it.  Wonderful contingency plan Sprint !! Not ...!!

Tried making sure my phone settings were: Sprint Only as opposed to; Roaming etc.

Tried calling my cell from a land line and the land line would get disconnected. ( otherwise, land line works fine ) What kind of crap is that???

Bottom line: you have to call Sprint and they 'do what they do' while your phone is off. After a restart, it's ok.

I am coming from the Nextel network with the purchase of this new phone and I must say, the wireless coverage, in Boston - where it's supposed to be Very Good - is weak; at best.

Sprint can absolve themselves of any responsibility in the User Agreements all they want as to the reliability of the signal strength but that just sends a message to me, the Consumer / Customer that the focus is on my money not the quality of service.

Think I'll be shopping for another wireless service provider at the next available opportunity.

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