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*VERY* Poor Coverage - Lynchburg, Va


*VERY* Poor Coverage - Lynchburg, Va

My address is 301 Smoketree Lane; Lynchburg, Virginia; 24502. We joined Sprint about two months ago, and we get no bars, maybe one on a good day (in our own home!). If you drive 4 blocks up the street to the main road, we get about 3; but I've noticed that pretty much everywehere in Lynchburg-- Your coverage is terrible. I've been told 'they're upgrading the towers' and 'it'll get better'. I can't hold a call, or send a picture message in my own house. We all have the iPhone 4, and an LG Rumor Reflex (they all have the same terrible signal). You need to do something about this, we're very unhappy customers. We're also not the only ones in this city.

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