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Verizon 4G in Santa Barbara on September 15th, Sprint get your act together or all 6 of my lines are leaving


Verizon 4G in Santa Barbara on September 15th, Sprint get your act together or all 6 of my lines are leaving

Title says it all.

Verizon is releaseing their 4G LTE network on Santa Barbara on September 15th.

I've been a customer for 6 years with 6 lines and am planning on cancelling all 6 lines and moving to big red.

I've been paying the $10 EVO data fee since I got my EVO and have not even been able to take advantage of 4G.

Now Verizon beats Sprint to the punch and is about to lose another 6 lines.

Come on Sprint!! What is this all about!




          I just read your post. How can we help you today?

Thank you,



George I am thinking the same thing, I think I am going with verizon.  In tucson az everybody has 4g except srpint. it sucks


Verizon can get ready to sign me up too. I was promised, by the local Sprint store, that 4G was coming soon and that my premium data fee would be worth it when I saw the advantages of 4G. That was over a year ago. Since Sprint was the first to officially release 4G capable phones and a 4G network, I figured it wouldn't take long for them to get it going on the central coast. Boy was I wrong. So what do you have to say, Sprint? What is this all about?!


Looks like the 4G coverage is on upper State St, not sure if you will see WiMax on lower State St, or if they will put LTE in there.


Current List of Sprint/Clear 4G Unannounced Cities

  • CALIFORNIA:  Fresno (limited), Bakersfield, Santa Rosa (NW), Santa Barbara (limited), Salinas, Watsonville, Eureka/Arcata, Yuba City/Marysville, Ridgecrest, Santa Maria, Sonora, Los Banos, Victorville, Hesperia, San Fernando, Indio, Escondido, Yucaipa, La Mesa, National City, La Jolla, Avenal. 

Sprint/Clear have turned on 4G/WiMax service to the following cities in the past three weeks:

  • ALABAMA:  Anniston (an additional tower east of the city)
  • GEORGIA:  Flowery Branch
  • ILLINOIS:  Kankakee, Ottawa
  • IOWA:  Ames
  • MAINE:  Caribou
  • MARYLAND:  Cumberland
  • MINNESOTA:  Wadena
  • NORTH CAROLINA:  Asheville (an additional tower near Candler)
  • OHIO:  Marion
  • OREGON:  LaGrande
  • PENNSYLVANIA:  Lock Haven
  • TENNESSEE:  Crossville, New Tazewell
  • TEXAS:  Lamesa
  • VERMONT:  St. Johnsbury
  • VIRGINIA:  Martinsville (An additional tower near Axton)

Santa Barbara coverage is going to be (limited), but it's the beginning.  My city is also listed on the "unannounced cities" post so it also hasn't been officially announced, however, I've been using 4G at my home for the last 6 months.   At my parents home, my 4G didn't work until a couple of months ago, I forgot to turn off my 4G radio before going there, checked my phone, and was surprisingly connected to 4G. 


HAHAHAHA!!!!  The first post in this thread pretty much sums it up - THEN - 'Sprint Cares' asks "How can I help you?".  That's pretty funny


Yeah Sprint ask how you can help me too?  I have been with you since 2004 and have 4 lines.  I was also  told when we got our Evo at a Sprint store here in Tulsa that 4G was around the corner and the ten extra dollares a month was for all the extra data we would be downloading.  About ready to switch to verzion.


This make me very sad as I have been a big "fan" and supportor of Sprint mostly because their data service WAS better.  Everyone knows that Verizon is has better voice coverage, looks like Verizon has better data coverage too.  Sprint fix this or my 30+ lines are going verizon, and I will not care about the early termanation fee.

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