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What is the Sprint "4G" performance and reception like in South Florida?


What is the Sprint "4G" performance and reception like in South Florida?

I wish I could say that it is great, but my experience has gone from decent to barely tolerable in only my first few weeks of service. I hope others will share, good or bad, and that Sprint reads and takes actions on trends.

My general roaming area is in South Florida - Southern Broward County, North Miami-Dade County areas. I have been using Sprint's so called "4g" service using a Samsung Epic for about three weeks. The Epic was shipped to me with Android 2.2 on it and I have kept the phone up to date. After the first few days that I had service, my "4g" data rates plumetted as well as my reception. Data rates went from averaging in the ranges of 5-6 Mbps down and 1-2 Mbps up to no better than 2-3 Mbps down and .5-1 Mbps up. At the very same time that this drop in "4g" service happened, someone else I know with 3g service had their data performance tank as well. Their 3g service went from 1-1.5 Mbps down and 1-1.5 Mbps up to .3-.5 Mpbs down and .2-.3 Mbps up.

The tools I am using to keep logs and report our expereinces are app in the Android market: mobile, FCC mobile broadband test, and Open Signal Maps. When it comes to the first two, I will find the closest common server city and use that with each one within the same time period for comparison. has other server cities that are closer to me and I will throw that into the mix to compare the PING latencies as well, which are indicating some sad realities of data routing in South Florida as well. If there are any other good tools, please share.

When I am at home, my "4g" reception is also routinely losing connection and having to handshake again with the tower without always succeeding. This seems totally insane to me since I live pretty close to the wi-max tower and this crappy reception is equally bad where I live as well as locations a mile or so away. Sprint and Clearwire are really screwing up with such poor network performance and reception and while I greatly appreciate that Sprint has the best prices for so-called "4g" service, what good does that do me if it is pathetically slow compared to Verizon and soon AT&T-mobile if that merger gets approved. I would really appreciate if other "4g" users can share what performance numbers they are seeing on their model Android phones and areas of South Florida.

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