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What's wrong with Sprint's Network?


What's wrong with Sprint's Network?

I'm here in Massachusetts.  Walking around in my kitchen, I get weak "bubbly" conversations just trying to make a call!  Nevermind the "broadband" network (not broad, no band) that leaves Sprint TV with a black screen that says "Temporarily Unavailable" and all other remaining networked apps DOA.  I can't even get into my Gmail and I'm using the HTC Evo 4G which is entirely dependent on Google apps!!!

This is my first experience with Sprint, I paid a mint for my phone, I'm paying an extra $10/month for a supposedly "enriched data experience" and thus far I'm seeing no enrichment whatsoever and speeds my old Motorola Razr can and is outpacing even as we speak (my wife is using my old Razr).

My question for everyone this just a temporary glitch that will go away soon or is this actually the best I can expect from Sprint?  I'm only on day 6 with my new phone and if this is the best they can deliver, it will have to go back and I'll go get a Droid from Verizon.  If Sprint dropped the $10 fee and said "oops..sorry but our network isn't really that good" I might learn to live with it.  Online stuff isn't THAT important to me but for God's sake, I have to at least be able to make a phone call and get my email on a phone as "smart" as the Evo 4G!!

Oh, and does anyone who actually works for Sprint read this forum or am I barking up the wrong tree???  I don't like peeing in the wind so if this is just a community boo-hoo fest I'll take my complaints directly to the Corporate Office.

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