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Where did my 4G LTE go in 60463???????


Where did my 4G LTE go in 60463???????

Help! Ever since the LTE roll out in the Chicago market I have been getting excellent 4G LTE signal at my work (Palos Heights, IL 60463.) As of 01/02/2013 there has been no 4G only 3G. Not only me but everyone I work with is having this problem. (Three EVO 4G LTE and two GSIII's)

Today I called customer support and that was a complete waste of time! Though very nice the rep had completely NO information to help me. She informed me that there was a tower issue in 60452 about 4 miles away but the tower she shows me working on is ok. ( the tower she reported is  a location  a proximately 1.2 miles away. I asked her "What about the tower 500 yards out my back door here at work?" and I was told that this tower does exist on Sprints maps!?!?! WOW REALLY?

If a tech rep moniters thos board pleas tell me I am not crazy! Please explain where my 4G went and when will it be back.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


Thanks for post. We are experiencing an outage on a signal cell tower in your area that is affecting both voice and data services. We currently have technicians deployed to the area that are working to have this matter resolved soon. We understand just how frustrating this can be. Sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused.

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care

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