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Why am I not getting 4g? (MiFi 3g/4g)


Why am I not getting 4g? (MiFi 3g/4g)

I have the Novatel MiFi 3g/4g device and whenever I switch to a 4g network and I try to access a website it leads me to a webpage saying "Your current plan doesn't cover 4G. Upgrade your plan at no additional cost, or try it out with a day pass." I then click "Show me how to get 4g." and it leads me to a payment option. I thought the Mifi 3g/4g had unlimited 4g and with no additional cost?


Why am I not getting 4g? (MiFi 3g/4g)

I apologize.  What needs to be done is your existing plan needs to be deleted and in it's place and for the same cost we should turn on the 3G/4G plan.  I can do this for you in just a few seconds.  I will private message you now.


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