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Why am I paying for 4G, when my urban city, Youngstown, Ohio, does not have 4G service still?!


Why am I paying for 4G, when my urban city, Youngstown, Ohio, does not have 4G service still?!

I am highly disappointed with Sprint, and in fact, am prepared to call about both my bill and my plan (again...). I have been with Sprint for almost a decade now, and I am paying outrageously for something that I cannot even fully use. Between the phones that are not Smartphones, we are paying around $50 for two basic cell phones without texting or picture messaging and it is outrageous... Technically these two phones hardly get used, except for emergencies. If the Sprint associates had not pressured us into a plan, we would have realized what was best for us. Again, another reason why I am disappointed with Sprint. Instead of paying $50 for these phones, they should just be cheap phones that you by refill minutes for whenever they run out... I will NEVER deal with this again! I myself have an HTC Evo 4G (Shouldn't even be called 4G) and on my 3G network, it took me 30 minutes to look up a map for directions to a location... I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say this. I even had to stand in the freezing cold JUST to get a signal!!! That should NEVER be! I thought cell phones were suppose to be convenient? Well, it turns out they are more trouble than they are worth. Technically, after all my hardship with Sprint, I shouldn't even have to pay a fee to cancel my plan with Sprint. If you talk with a representative over the phone, they give you the runaround, and ignore the true problem at hand. The worst part, they don't solve the problem, or even give credit, where credit is due (i.e. the bill!!!). Honestly, after having my HTC Evo for less than 1 year, it became slow over time. I know a lot about computers and technology since I am a Computer Science major in college, and I am disappointed with the phone. To be honest, the iPhone 4G may also have bad coverage, but at least it is not slow in performance. The sad part, they both have a 1Ghz processor... Most importantly, I have already mentioned how long I have been with Sprint, but I want to know, why am I paying for 4G service when I don't have it, and I WON'T have it throughout my ENTIRE 2-year plan!!! I am more upset about this than ANYTHING already mentioned. For the HTC Evo 4G alone, I am paying an estimated $80 for the Everything Unlimited plan. After not being able to use the 3G service alone, and paying for 4G service when it does not exist, I am prepared to leave Sprint, once and for all. If you cannot offer not only me, but everyone else as well good QUALITY service, for a reasonable price, with reliable technology, then I am prepared to leave because I have every right to do so. I would give Sprint a good name if you can actually meet the said requirements to make a sale. Sadly, I am, and believe I will be disappointed with Sprint forever. I have realized after using the latest technology, that it is not worth the asking price. Bottom line: it is completely overrated, it doesn't perform well, it's overpriced, and its inconvenient. Sorry, but a 2-year plan, worth $3360+$200 for the phone, excluding the old LG katanas, is not worth it for 3 people. My numbers come fro my bill, which is $140/mo.*24=$3360. So Sprint, let me ask you this: Out of my $3360 that I will be paying for the 2-year contract, why do I not have 4G service in my area? Why am I paying this outrageous price for something that I do not truly have? If I don't see change in either my bill, or my service, then I will not only give Sprint a bad reputation, but I will never, and I mean NEVER sign another contract with Sprint EVER again!

P.S. On a separate note, I have days where I get no 3G at all, even in 3G zones. This is just another instance of unreliability and inconvenience. I have bars on my phone, but no internet. I can make phone calls, but again, no internet. I am prepared to call Sprint about this as well. It sometimes sends me the message similar to "If this problem persists, contact someone about this problem". Can this be easily fixed, or will I have to exchange it for another Evo 4G?


Why am I paying for 4G, when my urban city, Youngstown, Ohio, does not have 4G service still?!

I think like most people...they are MARKETED into an illusion.  I hope that makes sense to you.  I just went the way of the smart phone and I did a bit of research before my purchase.  I do understand that verizon has many more towers and have phones that are much faster.  To sum all of this up quickly...I think you have to ask much monthly are you willing to pay.  A very fast phone from Verizon, with still some glitches...because all carriers have glitches.  No need to stew on the 4g because at least in MI..Sprint does not have 4g coverage.  Only in with other city I think.  If you ask me 80 dollars monthly is a great plan.  Try doing 180 at verizon and see if this makes you happy.  That would not make me happy.  I would love to say I have the fastest phone on the market but I don't. 

The basic plan in the ORIGINAL WORLD of phones before the WORLD became immersed in Texting and data...was that we were able to TALK at a low and acceptable fee.  You can use your phone for discussion with friends for a great monthly fee.  I think that is important. Just my opinion.

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