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Why doesn't Sprint display or allow customer access to open service tickets?


Why doesn't Sprint display or allow customer access to open service tickets?

I think this would save a lot of people time on both ends.  Think of how many phone calls are made to a CSR that are really unnecessary if the customer could actually look up the zip code themselves to see if there is a problem with their service and not their device.  I think people, for no fault of their own, get manipulated by a CSR into thinking that their device is at fault or that the customer is below the mental capacity to use their phone when in reality, it is is the fault of Sprint's equipment.  I have found that you must specifically ask Sprint to check if there is a ticket open for the area in question.  Otherwise, you get to go through the lengthy process of diagnostic tests on your device and to the amazment of the CSR, find out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Then they decide to check to see if there is a ticket open.  So, what do you say Sprint?  Let the customer help you by helping themselves.


I agree that this would be a great tool for our customers, I just don't know if there are any legal restrictions or anything that prevent this from being put into place. I've mentioned this to project management already but haven't heard anything back on it.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Great suggestion - but we've found that the majority of 'network' issues reported are resolved by device troubleshooting. 

We've looked at building an online device troubleshooter (and replacing our Techs,<evil laugh> bwah, hah, hah</evil laugh>!!) but the number of devices and the combinations of potential problems makes it quite time consuming and expensive. 

We're working to get more Network and Advanced Tech Support teams out here on the forums to provide a rapid escallation method for tech concious customer. 

We also are working with the product and device teams to build in on-device troubleshooters and reporting tools (Sprint Zone).

Thanks for the suggestion!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee


I thought of the legal issues that may get in the way but, if security is the legality of it, then you already know who is accessing the information.  We are signed in to our account and you already have more info than you need about us. lol  It's not like we would be able to submit tickets or change status of towers or power them on and off..(of course that would be awesome as well)  It's obvious that the information isn't that sensitive because, you give it out on the forums. It's just that I've been waiting a week as of today, for the cell tower that I can see if I lean back and look out my window to be fixed.  But, I still have to either call *2 and crack the code to access a CSR to give me the status of a ticket or post on this forum and wait for a response like I just purchased a raffle ticket and I'm waiting to see if I won.  Keep in mind that I'm trying to do this on a network that is admittedly broken.

I do want to thank you and Will for your responses and I do understand that you are just here to help so, that is also apreciated. 

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