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Worried about my roaming....


Worried about my roaming....

I travel for a living. I have been a sprint customer for 8 years. I just bought my HTC Evo and renewed my contract last month.   The reason I am worried is that I am in a project in Wyoming and am on a permanent roam.  I have the sprint unlimited everything plan. I also pay an extra 5 bucks a month for roaming and an extra 10 dollars a month for owning the evo..    My minutes just reset about 6 days ago and I am already at 400 minutes, all roaming.  I am gonna be in this project for 2 more weeks and I am worried that if I go over 800 I will be cancelled.. Also my data is already at 125kb... I have cut off my data but it still seems to be collecting some...    Once I leave here, I will be in a sprint area again and will be fine.. But I am worried that one slip up and they will cancel me.   Do you think they will?    I have called sprint and let them know, because I was also having major issues with dropped calls when I got here. They seem to be ok now, but I had tons of dropped calls over a few days...  Any input. I am aware of what the contract says and I have been a solid customer for the whole 8 years... Just worried about this roaming thing... Cannot wait to get out of here.. Thanks in advance for any input!   Pls don't cancel me sprint!! hehe    Thanks again!

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