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Yes, HTC Hero is EV-DO Rev. A


Yes, HTC Hero is EV-DO Rev. A

Some customers and bloggers have expressed some concerns about the EV-DO Rev. A capabilities of the recently launched HTC Hero. Users who check Settings > About Phone > Status may see the following text: Mobile network type CDMA - EvDo rev. 0

This is an error in the menu text only and the HTC Hero is fully capable of EV-DO Rev. A data speeds.

If you have not had and opportunity to check out Google's Android operating system, stop by a Sprint Store and look at the HTC Hero.


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Re: Yes, HTC Hero is EV-DO Rev. A

USA Today says:  Funny how a pair of smartphones from the same handset maker come across so differently. The Hero from Sprint is generally a pleasure to use and a credible new rival against BlackBerrys and iPhones. AT&T's Pure, on the other hand, reminds me of cranky child.


Re: Yes, HTC Hero is EV-DO Rev. A

If this is an error in the text......

1. How do we know that other phones that say EVDO rev. 0 are not really EVDO rev. A?

2. How do we test the phone to ensure we are hitting speeds faster then EVDO rev. 0 - which on average are 1.5x faster then EVDO rev 0. Its clearly obvious to someone like me, a tech geek who knows the speed difference.

3. When and will there be an update to fix this error?


Re: Yes, HTC Hero is EV-DO Rev. A

Did you see this previous post?


Re: Yes, HTC Hero is EV-DO Rev. A that the first update from Sprint is out (1.56 update), I would have thought that the EVDO Rev. 0 text glitch would've been resolved.  After applying the OTA update, my phone still says it is connecting to EVDO Rev. 0.  Now, my Sierra Wireless Compass 597 (old data card) and my Sierra Wireless Compass 598 (new data card) connect to Sprint at EVDO Rev. A.  Even my Pantech 500 card (older data card) and Palm Treo 800w connected using EVDO Rev. A.

I'm starting to suspect this isn't a text glitch after all...especially when I'm getting reports from other forums that people actually have HTC Heros that do say EVDO Rev. A.

So, anyone want to tell me and everyone else what's really going on?

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