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Zip 46947


Zip 46947

I posted to a discussion earlier, we have been having pronlems in 46947 since January 2011.  This was supposed to be resolved in March, then May, it is now the end of July and we are still having the same problems, dropped calls, calls do not go through, texts do not go through, voicemails are not received until a day or 2 later. We were initiallly told that we could receive a credit on our account if we extended our agreement with Sprint.  That is absolutely crazy since we are not the problem, the service that we pay for each month is the problem and at this point is not acceptable.  I was told the other day that we would receive appropriate credits once the issue was resolved.  How am I supposed to believe this when this has been going on for 6 months?! We have been customers for years and do not want to change providers, but I feel that we are not being treated as valued customers right now.  I feel that Sprint does not care if the service issues are resolved here and even if they are I do not trust that we will receive a fair amount of credits to our account.  If any other business provided lack luster service for this length of time their customers would not be expected to be paying the full amount of their bill each month.  If our Directv service was not providing the HBO that we paid for then we would be appropriately credited for that loss of serivice, unfortunately that is not the case in this situation.

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