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can't take (or talk)anymore


can't take (or talk)anymore

     im just so livid...i have changed my phone almost, no wait 3 times...the reception was always bad in my home, then we literally moved across the got worse. to the point i have to go out out of  my house. cant even sit on the porch to call. went to the store when this started happening over 1 year or so ago...they told me i had to buy some box to boost signal or some stuff...isnt that what towers are for?

i cant place a call without it dropping due to signal failure. my sister only texts me and she lives in georgia, and has my beautiful niece and nephew to which i read they are ok. i went from the rant, to the bb, then to the lg...realizing it wasnt the phones i went back to the bb.

sprint has always been good to me as far as arrangements to get caught up in billing...but i realize i have been paying over 125 month for services i cant use in my own home...

i used to call my husband on his lunch break, but he has stated if i am in the house to not even bother. goodness forbid anything happen to him, or my daughter and i cant reach them. i am home with a 2 year old, and need to rely on something.

sitting down i have thought about just downgrading all our phones to the old phones we have that are not "smart" and go to another carrier...that way we are not cancelling just paying sprint off little by little. my husbands work phone is verizon and he never has a problem using that phone, so i steal it from him at night now...but that should not be the case...

the customer service reps have been overly nice, and tech support too...but i have not even gone back to that store cos i know they are going to tell me to buy something. and of course since they are not in my house there are 4 full bars in that store. how is that fair?

yes there is activity on my phone, for i can use it anywhere else, no, i cant, not at my neighbors either. if you look at the activity closer you will see the same calls to georgia and to my mother in high point, either one right after the other or intervals of minutes...

i dont want to be the girl who is a pain...i cant even call customer care from here...for they will see how much the calls drop,, but i dont want to have to go through all the options to just be dropped...they dont call back...only when i am changing phones they do...

so HELP!!!!!! please!!!!


can't take (or talk)anymore

well i just looked into verizon for 3 phones unlimited data and talk 169 a month...i know it works out here...why is it so different? i am not out in the country...i am in the city so i dont understand....i have seen that many people have read this, but no response...can anyone help me...i really could use it...

i forgot to mention that i paid 50 for a preowned or something palm because of this issue, the insurance said it would work...really? tell that to my costly paper weights...

Sprint Product Ambassador

can't take (or talk)anymore

Sorry you are having problems with your coverage.  You can see a very accurate map of coverage at -- just enter your street address and zoom all the way in to the house level.  You may even be able to see the difference between your new house and the one across the street.  I've moved your concern to our Network and Coverage space.

Some areas just don't get good coverage - limitations in terrain, tower placement, other things.  That is why we offer the Airave -- it's a mini cell tower that just covers your house.  You hook it up to your existing high speed internet connection and you'll get 5 bars of signal in your house.

I live in Downtown Overland Park, just 8 miles from the Sprint World Headquarters.  But because of tower placement regulations, I'm directly between two towers and too far away to reliably connect to either one of them.  I had to get the Airave, and it really really works.  You may want to try it out - it really does help, and gives you that peace of mind you need for having a consistent connection.

Before you switch to another carrier, be sure to check their detailed street-level coverage maps too; make sure you don't end up in the same place as you are now.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

can't take (or talk)anymore

it keeps kicking me off saying i am not signed in when i am...

so before i have to write this again, i will try to make it as simple as possible...

the coverage map says we are in a good place where i can make and receive calls outdoors and call indoors with confidence...ummm no..

my friend who lives out of town, when she visits her friend down the block has the same issue if she comes to my house, down the block it works fine, but 5 houses away(mine) and next door it does not work...i find this too odd...

i must let you know that i make payments at least two times a month to try to even play catch up in this bad job economy. this phone is the only source that anyone(including my husband and 12 year old)can call me...which leads to buying a box to help? cant do that...

also my resume states this number...

i am just having a problem understanding the issue...verizon does work fine in this whole area, but i have been with sprint forever and a day and i dont want to leave...

if this is something you can not handle, i ill will towards you, just please lead me in the right direction...



Re: can't take (or talk)anymore

Sprint forgets to tell you how not so strong their signal is.


Re: can't take (or talk)anymore

I'm sorry but that "coverage" map is inaccurate. I've been have the same issues with my phone hel2369 and the coverage map states that my signal strength is "GREAT" and "4G is available", neither of which are true. Sprints' signal is not strong in many places. I'm not sure what area you reside but, I am in South Florida  and received a Private message from a Sprint employer who I reached out to for help. He/She stated, verbatim "We are having several issues in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, at this time they are working on them we are aware of the issue, at this time we do not have an etr (estimated time of repair) but most of the issues should be fixed by July."

Sprint knows they have many issues, but do not know when they will be fully repaired. Therefore, if we choose to continue using their service we have to deal with the inadequacies.

hel2369, you are already paying for service that is not working properly. Just a word of advice, please do not allow the Sales Representatives to swindle you into purchasing anymore equipment from them.


Re: can't take (or talk)anymore

wow i am originally from kendall in miami...its wierd but my mom just got back from visiting and she was complaining that her phone was as bad as mine, but she has rest assured fellow sofloridian i will not purchase anything from them...have not heard back from them regarding their "tech coming out" whatever...

the most any tech will come out of is the closet...cos i have never seen a sprint van driving around my area, let alone anywhere near here...have a good one...

and to all responding to my post, i really appreciate your outpour, i just noticed that every forum here is bad...this is the sprint site right? do they even bother to come on? oh yeah i forgot that one dude up there that responds to everyone saying that he or a "friend" or what have you have the airwave and it has changed their lives...not only for the cell phone service but gives them a warm feeling inside...cos when anyone says yeah i will take it, he hears cha-ching...


can't take (or talk)anymore

yep!  same here, house level shows GREAT signal according to the map, as well as full 4G coverage, and guess what?  zero.  not even voice access.

seriously sprint, what the f.


can't take (or talk)anymore

all i can say is foo and dookie to sprint...i am stuck in this contract and being forced to buy the airwave that is going to piggyback off of MY INTERNET service that i pay monthly for, then they have the gall to say there is a monthly charge...the chat reps have super noted my account..tho they told me to follow up with tech support, so i they could see how horrid my signal is i told the girl to please call me back cos the signal would drop...she asked me to change to another device and i told her regardless it does not matter...that i put my daughters phone on suspend cos she can live without it for a few months...she was super nice, and read me the notations...

turns out tech cant help you with the airwave getting sent for nothing,or waiving fees or anything...the billing chat people say there is nothing they can do...whatever!!!! i used to work for you big giant poo heads...i know you can...

so i will b*tch moan and groan and go on and on until i am satisfied...

its all fun and games til you loose signal, or dont have any...


can't take (or talk)anymore

I have the same problem the coverage map says i have "fair" coverage but both phones on our accounts never work not just at home almost everywhere we go I told people stop calling me my phone never works its pointless.

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