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chicago area outage?


chicago area outage?

I called customer service today and they said there

is an outage in the chicgo land area and has been since feb 17!

That out of 5 towers 4 are down and the one working is only sometimes!

I had been to the local sprint stores about my phone not working

And none of them had told me this.

When will this issue be fix? Or what is going on?


From 60653: As of today, I don't think the problem has been fixed. I'm getting text messages sent at 2pm and 7pm CST at 1040pm CST. This has been happening to me since Friday, 4/30. I called yesterday and today and was told there is an issued with a tower that services all of Chicago and part of IN that is malfunctioning. When last I spoke with Sprint this morning, the issue ticket had been closed, but I was informed that a closed ticket didn't necessarily mean the repair/upgrade/restoration was done. I'm at the end of my patience. Is there any word on when this work will be done and when I'm going to have reliable service again? It's total shame that no one knows anything, nor has an update.

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