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horrible data speeds


horrible data speeds

since friday of last week my phone has been unusable on sprints 3g network  what is going on?  i live in michigan detroit area  dearborn seems to be the problem  phone has been checked rebooted battery taken out   once i leave dearborn the phone works somewhat better   network speeds of .02 mbps downlaod   .14mbps upload   I'm about ready to call it quits with sprint                 att and verizon both of which i had were worse im looking for an answer and a reason to stay with sprint?????????   spending 80 bucks a month on service i CAN NOT use when i need it is very fustrating


Im sorry ira no offense but I just dont buy that "what can they say that they havent already"  In reality ALL they have said to me is we have no idea what the problem is so just deal with the bad service  pay your bill and go away. 


But we both know that we wouldnt continue to pay our bill for the service (or lack of) that we are currently provided. In actuality, the silence and lack of standing resolve is more reason now to cease with our comments and simply change carriers; this thread will hopefully continue to provide others with insight on the hstory of service and what to expect...


Here's another test... this is with 6 bars of 3G Service

403 MS Ping

193 kbps download

294 KBPS upload

This is F'ing BULL$HIT. Why is Sprint ignoring us?


Sprint isn't ignoring us, they can't get good data signal to respond either...


So i contacted sprint 3 ways in the past 3 days to address this data issue. 2 times by phone, once on the forum, one in an email. And i got 4 different answers to the problem.

First call, bumped me to a supervisor who promptly and rudely i might add, told me there was a problem in my area and it would be resolved within 24-48 hours. When i pressed him for more he said that was all he knew .. and then tells me 24-72 hours?!?! or at leas get your story straight for the same caller.

Second call the next day, i got an extremely helpful technition on the phone that had me try a whole host of manual resets on my 3D, to try and get the issue resolved. Nothing worked and i was given a number (e-ticket i believe he said it was called) to bring the phone in for service.

Forum post, had a quick response from Sprint tech who was extremely forthcoming and helpful and i thank him.., that there was widespread outtages in my area and were being worked on with no estimated time of completion, here is the link to that conversation.  http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/332795#332795

Lastly my email to customer service was finally answered, and i was told there there were no outages what so ever in my area, and my phone was reset by them remotely and i should take my battery out and restart the phone.

Ok so we clearly have a case of one hand doesnt know what the other is doing at sprint. Not to mention nothing fixed the data issue i was having.

Finally i got fed up and did my own digging on line and other forums at android central, and XDA..... found a means of replacing a PRL back to an older version, no root necessary ... and all my problems of connecting to a 1XRTT connection instead of an EVDO A conection were solved.

I apreciate all the help i did recieve but cant believe so many are having issues and it still isnt resolved yet.

here are those links if you so choose to try and fix it yourself.




We are very slow here in Kokomo, Indiana also.  Took me 15 minutes just to download the speed test app which a friend downloaded in a few seconds with AT&T service.  I can not believe we are all paying for a service we are not recieving.  I have checked daily for over a week now and my download speeds have consistently been under 120kbs and majority of the time it is under 50 which is close to dial up speeds back in the original AOL days.  At least in those days we knew what we were paying for.  All I see is a nice class actio suit for basically what I see as theft by Sprint.  How could a company charge an additional 10 dollars per phone for "premiere data package"?  That is just nonexistent.  It is unacceptable!  Besides that they put in a bunch of fake fees and taxes each month to get even more money out of our pockets.  There is a great read about all of these hidden costs called Gotcha Capitalism.  Sprint should just close up shop...  None of the phone manufacturers should even want to do business with them.  Customers will think it has something to do with their hardware which is bad marketing for them. 

I plan to look into a lawsuit against them especially for breech of contract and I am definitely going to market my frustrations with them in all ways possible.  Will post on newsgroups at work, social media sites, blogs, write to Verizon and AT&T to have them assist in getting the word out there, and of course good old word of mouth....


In Austin, Texas a few minutes ago:



[In case the image/link are not posted/deleted:  0.03dn/0.24up]

Signal strength: -70dbm  (what would typically be catagorized as very good to excellent)

You guys with your 100k + numbers.. consider yourselves lucky.

A Sprint rep should be along shortly to tell us again how fast their 3G network is, or to blame our equipment, or say it's a signal issue, or say there's a problem in "the area" (heh, evidently "area" means the continental US).

Edit:  Perhaps Sprint should take some of that $10 million-ish they are paying Dan Hessse (CEO) and put it toward FIXING THEIR FAILSAUCE NETWORK.

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CPS... thanks for all of the info and wow, that is mind boggling everything you had to go through with Sprint and how many different answers you received from them. It's really a shame how Sprint is treating this matter as it sounds like they're not even telling their CS managers about the issue and how to deal with it

I wish I could roll back to a different PRL like you did with your EVO 3D, but I have a Photon and have heard this is not possible. At any rate, I may have to resort to finding my own solution via xda developers as well. Either way, I will not stop posting here, even if I do end up switching to Verizon... Sprint needs to know that we're not just going to go away

Gotta love the NOW NETWORK!!! F'ing a$$holes


Latest speed test... at midnight here in Michigan, so there shouldn't be a ton of people on the network

6 bars of kick ass 3G Now Network goodness

Ping = 391 MS

Download = 91 KBPS

Upload = 170 KBPS

Again,  the Sprint rep that told me the data issues would be resolved 09/26/11  and that data speeds would improve everyday until then was talking out  of his/her ass. Speeds are getting worse by the day (which I did not  think was possible).

I see that this thread has almost 1500 views...  people, please quit being lazy and post a reply here with your data  speeds. If enough people post, maybe we'll actually get a response from Sprint. Not likely, but worth a shot


In 70607 zip area wide daytime ping 241, dl 70 kbps , ul 140 ( these are averaged when the speedtests finish, they error out often)

as of 11:28 PM ping 147 , dl 873, ul 532


getting all over the place data speed numbers anywhere from 21kbps-125kbps down 130-150 upload friday 720am dearborn mi


another fine monday morning with sprint I see  data speeds all over the place network communication issues

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