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iPhone 4s - Mobile Hotspot Speed and Performance


iPhone 4s - Mobile Hotspot Speed and Performance

I received the iPhone 4s on Friday, and have now had a chance to use the hotspot functionality twice now. I was previously a Sprint HTC Evo user (3g only, I'm in Omaha, NE), and I'm wondering about the speed and performance. While I noticed some very slow data speeds on tests on the iPhone 4s, which separately concerned me a little, web browsing and normal activities seemed to still work fine. As for the hotspot, even basic operations on my iPad and laptop, like downloading and uploading 1-4 mb PDF's was unbearably slow with nearly-full signal according to the iPhone.

Is anyone else having this problem? It was the hotspot that originally brought me to Sprint, and its having a larger amount of available data that's keeping me. Is Sprint aware of issues with this, and can they be addressed soon?



iPhone 4s - Mobile Hotspot Speed and Performance

YES! God awful slow!!!

I've used the Nexus S hotspot for weeks now with full 3G signal and there is not even a comparison to how slow the iPhone is in comparison.  Hotspot on Nexus was very usable whereas the iPhone is like so slow it's barely useable at all!

Please, Sprint look into this ASAP.

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