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just curious when service will be back to normal


just curious when service will be back to normal

I have been having signal issues for quite some time now in 48763. I have NO high speed internet so I cannot use a airwave. I have had several dropped calls, texting is delayed for 3 hours at times, and data is non existent. I was told the issue would be fixed by July 31st but there is no fix. I just need a timetable of when things will be fixed because I am sick of paying so much for service I am unable to use.


just curious when service will be back to normal


     I am sending you a PM, please check your inbox.



just curious when service will be back to normal

I have had the same problem with my Epic, everytime I call Customer service I get hung up on or they say they reset me on the network, Messages not going through, slow Interenet conection, Phone says you have an update but gives you several different errors when updating, Sprint doesn't care, Customer service is dead with this company there just happy they got your money, My best advice to you is get rid of Sprint. I wish I wouldve stayed with my old cell phone company I regret being with sprint. On saturday my cell phone wouldnt send or recieve txts, in Tinley park IL, and it happends everytime I go out there, same thing when I go to work in Bolingbrook, il but when you call sprint they look at some stupid map and say that I have coverage. I have upgraded my phone twice, and both of my phones do the exact same thing. Sprint just sucks, I have the Epic and have done 3 master resets, and 4 reprograming and still nothing and Sprint wont bac kthere cell phones or send you a new one unless you go to there service centers 80 times or get there 8.00 a month protection plan they pretty much tell you to F-off. GL with you prob.

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