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outage in the 386?


outage in the 386?

First of all i would like to start off by saying that all of my immediate and extended family have sprint, and we have been loyal customers for many years. but i am very unhappy. i have been experiencing some serious issues when it comes to texts messages and phone calls. i have spoken with several customer service reps and they assure me that the problem will be fixed shortly, only to still have the issues. i spoke with someone earlier tonight,and they couldnt help me, so they were going to transfer me to their supervisor, and i was on hold for over 15 minutes. sometime after 3pm my phone isnt able to call out, and on the rare occasion that i actually get connected to a call, the call usually gets dropped. my text messages have been coming in over two hours after they are sent. it has become a major issue with me when it comes to my job. my boss had been trying to get ahold of me and wasnt able to for over two hours....needless to say when she finally got  a hold of me, she was very unhappy. is anyone else experiencing the same issue or can someone tell me what in the world is going on????? my zip is 32174

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outage in the 386?

See my post. Major outage in NE and Central Florida. And it will take two weeks at least to get it fixed.

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