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poor/no signal in Dewitt, MI 48820


poor/no signal in Dewitt, MI 48820

I just recently moved to Dewitt, MI 48820

I get either a very weak signal (1 bar) or no signal and switch over to roaming. The coverage map says i should have a good signal there, but i dont.

Is there anything i can do about this? I read about the airavana microcell but when i called i either had to pay to buy the microcell AND pay a monthly fee to use it, or i have to go on a waiting list with no time estimate as to when i might get the microcell.

I dont mean to sound rude or pushy, but i've been a happy sprint customer for several years now and even added a 2nd line of service last year. I think it's a bit of a rip off for sprint to expect me to pay a monthly fee to use MY internet connection just so i can use my phone.

So is there anything i can do to either some how improve the phone's reception, or some way to get the microcell free of charge? And without waiting weeks or months because I use that number for work as well, so not being able to receive any calls for several weeks isn't an opption.

If not, I will probably just switch to verizon or ATT. I don't want to switch - i really like sprint. But I'm not going to pay any additional money just so i can keep using sprint. I'm already paying $10/mo now for a 4g phone where there's no 4g service- use that $10 fee to pay for the microcell 😜



poor/no signal in Dewitt, MI 48820

Any response on this? I really need some sort of solution to this sooner rather then later, since my cell phone is my only phone. If sprint can't either figure out why the signal coverage is virtually nil in an area they claim is good or if they cant provide me with a microcell (i'm not paying any additional money/fees to remain a sprint customer) then i really have no choice but to cancel and switch to someone else.

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