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"4G" service in the Hollywood, South Florida area?


"4G" service in the Hollywood, South Florida area?

    Are there any "4g" Sprint customers that can share their experiences in the South Florida area? I am using it in the South Broward / Hollywood area, and the best "4g" speeds I have seen are about 3Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up. The upload performance seems throttled at 1 Mb/s max. I have also had to manually turn the "4g" on and off when the speeds drop down to much slower rates. Manually! I am using the Samsung Epic 4g (for the keyboard) and having to manually tweak a smartphone for best connectivity or any (sometimes) is unacceptable. I have also noticed that Sprint and other carriers took the laziest and cheapest way out when it comes to towers and coverage and just follow the Florida Turnpike. This creates large holes in "4g" service in South Broward, Florida. I am in the 30 day window and am not so sure I am going to stay because I had faster speeds on 3g AT&T and other people on Sprint 3g are also getting faster Internet routinely when compared to the "4g" flake outs I am seeing. That extra $10 per month for "premium data" is a total rip-off as many have already noted. I have been using and the FCC broadband testing apps to keep performance logs.

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