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sending multiple text messages and no 3g


sending multiple text messages and no 3g

for the past 6 months my phone will send the same text like 4-8 times!!! it is very annoying!!! I have done the hard reset, had my phone wiped out, had the sprint store see if there was something internal wrong with the phone (they said it had many errors within it) its annoying. im not sure if its the phone it self or if its the network around me or even my airwave? half the time when i am home, i do not have 3g..not sure if this is because im connected to my airwave.. but this sending the same text 4-8 times is really horrible and i have no idea how to fix this!!!


I can see how multiple text sent can be very annoying.  What model Airave do you have?  There is a known issue with the Airave 2.0 (Airave Access Point by Airvana) sending duplicate messages.  A planned software push by the end of the 4Q12 should fix this issue, hopefully this will be completed soon.  Do you only experience the multiple text messages when at home?  I'll be able to determine 3G data depending on what version of the Airave you have.


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