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4G in my area


4G in my area

I am having a problem with 4G in my area. There is 4G in my area but not at my home. When I look at the coverage map on the Sprint site there is a gap in coverage that is only about 10 blocks and in a very odd shape. My other service (3G and voice) are also limited but functional at my home.

I contacted support by email to find out why the gap was there and when something would be done about it. I was told four times that 4G was available in my home and thanked for choosing Sprint.

I repeatedly told the people that responded to my emails that their own map showed that there was no coverage. I finally sent an email with a picture of their own map attached. I was then told that I was right and that I should check back often to see when there would be service. I was given the web site address for checking coverage. This address did not work. I assume she was sending me to the same place I had already checked. (The coverage map)

This does not help. I have two new phones that are barely useable as phones. I am paying premium data fee which seems to be Sprints way of getting around admitting that they have increased their data plan price. The two phones get 1 bar of service and 3G is hit and miss.

I like Sprint, the network works well from my office. The Evo and Evo Shift are great phones but what good are they to me if they do not work at my home.

I finally asked for my issue to be escalated to someone who could address the issue. I asked this 3 times before it was even acknowledged. Finally a woman called me back. She had no clue what she was talking about and it was obvious she was reading from a script of prepared responses. They matched the emails word for word. I told her that I was a new customer and that I would have no choice but to take my phones back and go with another company if I could not get service. She told me that she had answered my question and that there was no way for her to give me any information on coverage for a new area. I told her again that it was not a new area and asked her to escalate my request to someone who could answer the question. She told me that there was no one because they (Sprint) do not know when they will expand coverage into a new area.

At this point I began to feel like I was performing the old "Who on First" routine.

I told her again that this was not new coverage for a new area but a gap in coverage that needed to be addressed. She then started getting very rude with me and told me that there was nothing she could do to help and started to wind the call down with the typical "Is there anything else I can help you with?" I told her she could get me someone that could answer my question. She then told me that she would put her supervisor on the phone to "tell you the same thing" she had told me. Then the phone line went dead.

The next day I received an email from her stating the same scripted message and that she had tried to transfer me to a supervisor when the line went dead on my end.

Is this really the level of service that I can expect from Sprint.

Am I to believe that Sprint does not attempt to address these gaps?


4G in my area

I do apologize about your issue. What is your city and state?


4G in my area

Mckinney, Texas


4G in my area

This morning I received another email stating again that 4G was available in my home.

Now I feel like I am stuck in a scene from Star Wars. Tech waves hand in from of my face. "You do have service in your home." "I do have service in my home." Does this method work on some people? You just keep repeateing it until the customer thinks that they are imagining the issue. No matter how many times you say it, the service in my home is very bad.

Then the email went on to give me detailed instructions on how to return my phones if I am not happy.


So Sprint does not care that I am not happy? They do not care that I return my phones? I have to admit that as bad as AT&T is, they never treated me like this.

Almost forgot. The email also had what I call the "Microsoft answer" in it as well. Reboot your phone and see if works better. Really?????????


4G in my area

Another email.

This time saying that it must be a device issue and telling me to take my phone in to have it reset to fix the issue. The guy did not bother to read that it is happening on two phones.

I am ready for the next excuse.

trangers77 is there a reason you asked what city and state? I had assumed it was so you could try to help me. Is anyone going to try to help me????


4G in my area

You are correct, I am trying to help you. I do see that you do have 4G in your area, but there is a lot of spotty coverage that is not 4G. If the device has never worked on 4G, but the device sees 4G, it could be software related and I would perform a hard reset to see if that will fix the issue. Also check your software version, if that is up to date and after the hard reset didn't fix the issue the device might need to be replaced.


4G in my area

I have reset the devices. Please be aware that there are multiple problems and multiple phones.

I have:

EVO Shift

LG Optimus

Probelm 1:

The two EVOs will not get 4G at my house and never have.

Problem 2:

All phone get very weak signals for 3g and voice in my home.

The EVO Shift and the LG are almost unusable. For some reason the EVO gets a betrter #G and voice signal than the other two.

They are all running the latest firmware. I have performed the hard reset on the EVO Shift. I believe this accomplishes absolutely nothing but I did it anyway. I will not do it on my EVO because I have had the phone since last summer and I am not going to go through putting everything back on it for no reason. This is not a solution. It is the service not the three phones that have the problem.

I have two other issues that are unrelated but I still have not gotten resolution. I am getting very frustrated.

1. The premium data fee is a rip off. Change your package prices. Do not lie to people and advertise $69.99 data plans when you do not have them.

2. I do not have voicemail even though it was included in my package. I do not have it because of the forced mandatory update that you did in December that broke voicemail and forced us all to use a voice to text service that I do not want. In my case I just switched to Google Voice. By the way this service is free at Google Voice. I want the Voicemail that is advertised with my package. I keep gettting told that it is included for free. That is not true. If a company advertises it as part of the paid package, it is a paid service.

I do not expect you to fix all of my problems. At this point I am beginning to expect Sprint to just let me go to another carrier. The service that I have received has been horrible.


4G in my area

I received a call from someone at Sprint. He had me walk through some tests on my phone and then told me there was an issue and it would be addressed. I have received no word since. I will be returning my phones this weekend if there is no resolution. I will not get stuck with them while Sprint stalls.


4G in my area

I thought I would update this thread.

I have been sent a airwave that has given me improved service inside my house.

Current Issues:

In my neighborhood my phones are useless unless I am inside my house. It is like having a cordless phone on a landline.

I still have no voicemail.

I still have not 4G.

I am still getting ripped off by the premium data charge.

No one has addressed the "issue" as promised.

New issue:

I have now been told "congratulations on becoming a premier customer" Curious since I was already a premier customer. What they have done is split the premier program and took away my upgrade to a better phone this June and left me with no incentive to stay with Sprint. The last thing I was hanging onto was the yearly upgrade.

This upgrade is now gone unless I spend a certain amount with Sprint. I spend way more than that amount but I am told that a large portion of my bill is for add-ons and do not count. They seem to count every month when you take the money for them. I also find it curious that I signed up with you on a plan that was supposed to include everything for one rate. I then have to pay add-ons to actually use the phones.

Oh well, another good cell phone company down the tubes.Time to shop.

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