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Albany, NY - Any word on when we get 4G?


Albany, NY - Any word on when we get 4G?

I'm on the 36th floor of the south side of the Corning Tower in downtown Albany and get full 4G, it looks I'm picking up a signal from a tower by Exit 23 of the NYS Thruway.  I also used 4G on I-90 from like Exit 4 to Crossgates, then north on 87 to about exit 2 or 3 that signal is coming from the tower at Fuller Road Exit of I-90.  I can also verify that 4G is live in the Woodlawn area of Schenectady and that was the tower on State St and the Crosstown.  I'm so happy to finally have 4G around here.




Re: Albany, NY - Any word on when we get 4G?

I live in Rensselaer (East Greenbush) off 9/20 near Yips/Regeneron/SunyAlbanyCity campus and I had to go to my backyard but I am fluctuating between 1 and 0 bars of 4G Service! Its weird I went into my side yard got no service then went to my back yard and got 1 bar. I went back into my house and went from a fluctuation from 1 bar to 0 bars back to 1 bar. Had a not waited for a little bit after it scanned and said disconnecting I wouldve never seen I had 4G. Also I dont live too far from exit 23 so I am sure im using that tower. I dont like using speed test websites because the numbers vary greatly from test to test even without moving the connection but using a couple of different speed tests sites I averaged about 5500kbps down and 600kbps up. Not bad. Happy to have 4G for my slingbox app!

I forgot to mention that fluctuating between 0 and 1 bars is basically pointless. Until we can get a strong 4G signal the only way I will use this is outside or in my back patio and just for when I specificially need it. I cant live with the 4G on with its spottyness. So while I am happy to say I have 4G there is still a ways to go before its going to be usefull and remain on.

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