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App to report signal issues/service problems


App to report signal issues/service problems


You know, I got to thinking about the poor quality of signal that I see in many of the discussions here; granted, for a variety of rationales. Why can't sprint make a "report" app, like AT&T has, to report "black holes" where service drops or other bad things happen like:

1. Call drops.

2. No service at all.

3. Roaming.

4. Lack of 3G/4G coverage.

These reports would include:

1. ESN/Phone Number

2. Lat/Long if GPS enabled.

3. Device information that is NECESSARY. (Don't do Apple's "track everything and keep it" philosophy)

Wouldn't having an app from the market make this SO easy to accomplish and give sprint all the information they need without the challenges that PM/forum posts bring?




App to report signal issues/service problems



     This would be a great idea to have one, I will check into it and try to find out if we have any current plans for anything like this.


App to report signal issues/service problems

This is a great idea. 

I do know that if your call drops, you can call *2 and report the dropped call to the automated system.  It will refund your minute that it used automatically.  The system automatically records locations and towers that have dropped calls.  I know this because I use tools that tabulate those calls and analyze your service.  They help me to determine if the problem is caused by the device, the network, etc...So to answer your question, the system does keep track of service issues already...but an application may also be a good idea.


App to report signal issues/service problems

I am familiar with that app and it would be nice to give access to the site we use.  They could do a light version of it for customers and it would be a quick and valuable resource to show changes in service faster - and as you say in a much easier format.   I know two project managers and will forward this on to them. 

Thanks for the "thoughtful" post


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