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Atlanta Data Issues?


Atlanta Data Issues?

I live in Midtown Atlanta and for the past few days have had basically no data service whatsoever. My iPhone 4S will just sit there trying to load a page for five minutes or so, until the "Cannot Open Page" pop-up appears. It also won't download my e-mail or let me use internet-based apps, completely defeating the purpose of the $800 I spent on this phone.

This is pretty lame considering that I'm paying an extra $10 per month for the so-called "premium data" that I'm not receiving. I've heard all about the supposed network upgrades Sprint has done in Atlanta, but I'm just not seeing any improvement. Has there been an outage that I'm not aware of, or is this just continued poor data coverage?


Re: Atlanta Data Issues?


Thank you for your post. In looking at just the Atlanta Market only, I do show 1 cellsite out of service and a technician has been dispatched with an ETR of 04/03/12. Another cellsite with intermittent service with ETR 04/05/12. You are welcome to send me a private message that includes your address so that I can look and see if any of the cellsites affect your specific service area.



Re: Atlanta Data Issues?

As I read through the threads it is clear this is a MAJOR issue that sprint needs to fix.  It's not loss of service here and there, but tons of customers with sub par service most of the time.  It's not a secret that Sprint has been having big service issues.  Read the article here,

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