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I know that the advantage of CDMA is that it does provide a better and more stable signal due to the nature of the technology.Of the major North American carriers AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM technology which requires a sim card and Sprint, Verizon and Alltel use CDMA technology which does not require a sim card. The advantages of GSM technology is that this is the global standard for cellular technology and you will be able to use the phone internationally provided the phone has the needed bandwidths, you are able to change phones more easily since you would just need to put your sim card into another compatible phone and don't have to call your service provider which gives greater variety and selection of phones (there are limits since most carriers will lock their phones to their network but you can get phones that are already unlocked) and since the service is set to a single unique sim card it is extremely difficult to clone or hack which provides better security.

Does Sprint will change the technology on the future? Share your opinions.

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I think they should change. It's kinda sad that they have 4G and trying to take on the iPhone, but you can't use your phone if you leave North America.

Like Sprint customers never leave the States or something ...

I've been a Sprint customer for around 12 years. Yes, I have put up with their totally crappy customer service for 12 years. I think I deserve a free EVO But when I got my first phone, it was pretty plain. Sprint was geared toward business customers. So they didn't have any fun phones and it took them a long time to get anything remotely "fun". So I find it very confusing that they don't have the whole SIM card going on because that seems very business friendly.

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