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Call Failed, Dropped Calls, and Failed Texts

Call Failed, Dropped Calls, and Failed Texts

Every so often, I get a 'Call Failed' notice when I try to make calls, or my calls will abruptly drop. I also have to resend texts several times because they show up as failed.

Anyone else having this problem??? I work at home (downtown Baltimore) so this is where I've noticed it happen mostly, but it also happens when I'm out and about.


Re: Call Failed, Dropped Calls, and Failed Texts

There are a lot of variables in network troubleshooting.

  1. Is your phone software up to date?
  2. Has coverage always been an issue at this address?
  3. On Sprint's network side we have to see the towers performance in that area.

Check our coverage map here and if it shows good or best coverage you need to call us from another phone when you are in the area with problems.. We have a program/tool caller Service Trender that will show us your voice history for the last few weeks.  Make sure you speak to someoen in Advanced Tech Support and that they review your issues in Service Trender.  Be sure you call 888-211-4727 from a phone other than the one you are having the issues with.

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Call Failed, Dropped Calls, and Failed Texts

Call failed! please try again.  Yes I have not had service for two days.  I called Sprint, they say a tower is out in my area.  I am in Louisiana, however, my internet connect is working very well.


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