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Cell Tower Down?


Re: Cell Tower Down?

Your closest site is near Langley Rd on the West side of I-59.  It's possible that during peak times 8AM and 5-10PM, the coverage from this tower shrinks away from you.  Your service would then come from an alternate tower that's farther away.  It's also important to mention that Houston, TX has been under conversion to Sprint's all new towers or Network Vision and we are still fine tuning the new towers and replacing the old ones. 

You may qualify for an indoor coverage booster called an Airave if you have a land based internet service at your home.   You can private message me by clicking on my Social Care avatar for more information. 

Tom Deaver

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Re: Cell Tower Down?

Is there a way to find out what locations have cell tower issues? I llive in Passaic, NJ and I cannot send text messages, I receive them but cannot reply.


Re: Cell Tower Down?

I can make calls, but I no longer have data access.  Is this a tower problem as well? Or is some type of service taking place? I am in Omaha, NE 68104.

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