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Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...


Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

I though it was MY phone... but I've looked through the threads and it looks like it's not... I'm glad i didn't do the insurance thing and pay the $100 because it looks bigger than just me.

HERE'S THE STORY:  I live in the western suburbs of Chicagoland (Naperville) and driving around the Naperville/Aurora  (60564/60502/other area zipcodes) area the last few days as well as driving home from Chicago last night on I-55, I have experienced more dropped calls than I ever have.  Probably 10 to 12 in the last 3 days.

I woke up this morning and got a text from someone I sent a picture to yesterday (from downtown Chicago... 60601) at 4:19pm saying they got it at 3:50am this morning

In addition, last week, the network 'automatic' time settings were pulling EASTERN timezone times to my phone and it was happening with a co-workers phone too and this weekend my wife noticed it.  That problem seems to have subsided.

I called Sprint to ask if there was a problem... just to ask and give them the courtesy of knowing that there might be a problem... They kept me on the phone for 20 minutes shuffled to 3 different people to repeat what the problem was that I was having.

Come on Sprint... Your network should be SMART ENOUGH to know when there are problems... I have been a Sprint customer for a long time (like the writer above, I did go away for a short period but came back).  The 'full data' package is unparalleled by others, but i have NEVER had this many problems.

What's the problem!?  Is it fixable!?  It's obviously a problem for others.... and some of those other threads are saying 'fix times' of 4/24?  Come on... that's 5 days away!


Re: Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

I can totally sympathize with you.  I'm frustrated with Sprint.  There are serious issues with the network, I noticed it started on or around April 1st.  I've posted in another thread, but live in Plainfield, IL (along Interstate 55 corridor) and have no incoming text messages whatsoever unless I originate a call to someone...  New voicemail indication doesn't work either.  THIS SHOULD NOT TAKE 21 DAYS TO FIX Sprint's network issues, problems, service outage needs to be addressed.


Re: Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

Sprint is doing the network vision update in our area and it looks like completion date is June 28th from what I understand


Re: Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

I understand your frustration, we are experiencing the same thing!! This is long, but I just posted a separate post, but figured I would post it in the other Chicago threads I saw as well...

Like many others in the Chicagoland area, my family (5 lines) has been experiencing unacceptable service from Sprint that includes many of the same complaints I see from others on these forums including:

-Texting not working

-Dropped calls

-Inability to make calls

-Slow internet

-Delayed text and voicemail messages

-The runaround-being told it is the phone when calling Sprint and to go to the store, then go to the store and they tell you it's the network, etc.

-Promised time-lines that do not come to fruition

-Being offered inadequate discounts on service (i.e. $25 off our $250 bill when our service is basically unusable many days)

Today I was finally told that Sprint is completing "network vision," basically combining 3 towers into a "supertower." They have stated that they cannot give a time estimate of when this will be done and service will be sketchy throughout that time (as others have stated as well). I am unsure why I am paying $250+ a month for service I am not receiving and cannot be given a response as to when I will be receiving it. I am concerned that Sprint would embark on such a major upheaval of their services without a back-up plan of how to support the existing network.

This is obviously a chronic problem in the Chicagoland area; however I do believe that in order for any positive changes to be made in service, as well as any concessions in the form of major refunds for lack of service, many people are going to have to band together to make a difference. The gentlemen I spoke to from Sprint today literally told me that he gets a lump in his stomach each time he has to deal with people from Illinois calling, it is that bad!

I would encourage those having problems to do the following:

First, contact the Better Business Bureau. It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form here:

In the section that asked how I would like my issue resolved, this is what I stated, feel free to copy and paste!

This matter can be resolved by providing:

1) A definitive time-line as to when my service will be working with no interruptions

2) A back-up plan of how I am going to be provided the service I pay a contract for (phone calls, voicemail, texts, and internet that all work)

3) If I cannot be given a back-up plan, I would like to terminate our 5 lines at no cost

Second, contact Chicago TV networks investigative reporters, as well as the Chicago Tribune. No major company likes bad PR and perhaps having a major television market looking into their inadequacies will encourage some more honest and forthcoming answers, as well as speed towards rectifying the problem. Type up a list of your complaints (or copy and paste them from here), write up your letter and send it off to each of the email addresses here. The more similar complaints they get, the more likely they are to look into things and focus on Sprint for one of their investigative pieces. 

ABC Chicago--Chuck Goudie--

CBS Chicago--Dave

NBC Chicago--Sharon

Chicago Tribune Watchdog reporters:





Spread the word to others you know who have Sprint and are experiencing problems, as well as in other threads you see here.


Re: Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

Good info.  You should copy and paste this to every Chicago complaint forum.  There is power in #'s!!


Re: Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

I upgraded last week to the new Samsung Galaxy SIII from my old original EVO 4G.  While 3G on the EVO was getting worse all the time, the SIII either rarely gets more than one bar on the service signal or states full signal but barely has one.  I cannot even get dialup speed on this phone.  On WiFI it works grate but its a phone and not a Kindle Fire.  I cannot get a signle web page to load without multiple attempts and the other day that took 30 minutes.  Having just paid $275 for this phone, SPRINT YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING OR NOT CHARGE FOR SERVICE UNTIL IT ACTUALLY EXISTS!  Shame on you!  Sprint, if you were a fast food hamburger shop, you would be touting the biggest best burgers served faster than most places and actually only give your customers a few seasame seeds off a bun after waiting in line an hour.


Re: Chicago Suburbs, Dropped Calls, Bad Time Settings, Delayed Texts...

I am in the northern suburbs Libertyville, Mundelein of Illinois and having dropped calls on my iPhone 4S and cant even answer calls many times and or mine dont go through. Also my voice mail does not show up or shows up as empty with no message and when I call these people back they confim they left a lengthy message. When I delete the empty voicemail and then reload it it sometimes the voicemail shows up...what kind of gltch is this?

I am getting weary of the dropped son switiched to Verizon and so did my brother in law and no dropped calls except when they call my Sprint phone...

Better get this fixed or I am going to leave also.


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