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Does No Roaming Drain Battery?


Does No Roaming Drain Battery?

Okay, here's my situation. I live in southwestern Virginia where cell phone service is sparse. I got Sprint because it was cheaper and had phones, at the time, that I wanted more than any other carrier. Because of this, I willingly accepted that I'd never use the phone on Sprint's network, and that the majority of my usage would come through the No Roaming clause with Verizon. I don't use enough to put me over the threshold where they would be angry, so it's a good relationship for me.

My question is whether the nature of this drains the battery of my phone unnecessarily. My phone is never on the Sprint network. Does that mean it is constantly searching for the Verizon network? I used to get pitiful performance from my Pre. As in within 5 hours it was crap. Palm issued a software update aimed at helping users in "areas of low coverage" and it TREMENDOUSLY helped my battery life. I'm wondering if I go to a Blackberry Curve, if it will put me back to that previous piss-poor battery life?


Re: Does No Roaming Drain Battery?

yes, whenever your phone goes into roam mode it does chew thru the battery much quicker.this happens on sprint and takes a lot more power to stay connected and search for the available network.even if you go to al low service area where you get 1-2 bars it chews the battery becuz the hpone is trying so hard to give you the best signal and call quality possible.

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