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Major problems with service


Major problems with service

I have two lines through Sprint in zip code 67063. We knew we would not  be able to have constant 3g coverage under this zip code, but my husband's line will not make calls and only sometimes gets and sends texts successfully, no matter what town he is in across the whole state. I am roaming constantly, driving up the bill. After the bill exceeds a certain amount, then I get another charge for exceeding my limit. We have been into the stores and the salesmen tell us that we cannot do anything and we cannot get a new phone until Dec 2013. No one has been helpful, only telling my husband "we cannot do anything". Because my husband's phone worked just fine for a few minutes in the closest Sprint store, they would not believe that it was useless elsewhere.

We are paying around $175 a month for one phone to constantly be on roaming and basically have the other act as a chunk of useless plastic. We would really like to cancel service, but we were told that it would be $600 to cancel. Legally, I believe that Sprint cannot charge us this fee if their phone service does not work. We would like Sprint to stop telling us they cannot take any action. If Sprint cannot fix our problem, we will not be paying $600 to cancel our lines, but they will most certainly be cancelled. Thank you for reading.


Re: Major problems with service

I had forgotten to mention that the phone that is giving my husband so much trouble is the Express by Sprint. To fix this problem, Sprint can allow my husband to upgrade at this time. It is abhorrent that I should have to pay nearly $200 a month for a service that may not allow my husband to even contact emergency personel if he requires it, and even more horrific that Sprint does not acknowledge that they can help in any way. We would become satsified customers if we were allowed to upgrade. If not, we will be cancelling our Sprint service. I have outlined a simple way in which we can solve this problem. Sprint, please contact me very soon to work on this. Each day my husband has comprimised service is a day he is deeply dissatisfied..

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