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My optimus s won't send text messages


My optimus s won't send text messages

I can receive messages and make and receive phone calls, chat using friend caster for facebook and google plus messenger, I can browse the web, etc. When I try to send a text message it keeps saying sending. It took me a couple days to realize my messages weren't going through cuz I just happened to notice my older sent messages said they were still sending and when asked people who I had texted they all said they weren't getting my texts. I tried sending text with mighty text (app where you can send texts from your computer) I have been using mighty text for a while and it had always worked before. I also uninstalled mighty text thinking maybe that was what was interfering with my sent messages but that wasn't the problem. I can't think of anything I have installed or any settings I had changed since it stopped working. I don't know what could cause this maybe somebody else might know? Thanks for any suggestions.

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My optimus s won't send text messages

Hi elckcj, what zip code are you located in? Are others around you having the same issue? Have you also tried a battery pull?

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