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My phone will not receive phone calls or text messages.


My phone will not receive phone calls or text messages.

I have a samsung replenish, and since yesterday I have not been able to receive calls or texts. Yesterday is when I noticed it but it could have been a little longer. I have talked to three service reps, who all were very concerned and friendly, but unable to resolve the issue. I talked to a rep last night for over an hour an he had me do a hard restart, reset msid and mls or msl, updated the profile, uddated the PRL and firm ware, he resent the service packet info,  like when the phone is new. Nothing has worked. I know its not the phone because I reactivated my old phone today and was still unable to recieve calls or texts. I did receive a text I sent myself from sprints Zipwhip but to took about 30 minutes to come through. I don't know what to do. This is my only phone. Any help greatly appreciated. My zip is 30248.



My phone will not receive phone calls or text messages.


                     i dont have an answer for you, but i believe you (i and everyone else)  have the same issue. Its seems Latley sprint has had a problem with  overloading antennas. Hence you get no service, because to many  cellulars are fighting for the same signal, and the tower can only  handle so much.

i cant make calls, recieve calls, send txt, recieve txt, use 3g, us 4g .... Basically, i have a really cool paper weight ....

i  have also reset my phone (twice) , updated phone, checked for new prl's  constantly , and updated my msid several times with a few (have dozen)  technicians. I strongly believe they (sprint) has a firm grasp on whats  "really" going on, but the techs are not really authorized (or really  being kept in the dark) on whats really going on.

i called them  out several times on the situation, and have refused these "technical  procedures" and stood my ground (also cnfirmed with my local store that  nothing is wrong with my phone) it is DEFINITLEY the tower(s) that are  bogged up... i told them the exact date my problem started and explained  to them that i am clearly paying for service, but am not recieving it  (i suggest you do the same) and plea for a credit. you are clearly  paying for a service, but are not recieving it. Sorry for your  problems,  ..... Welcome to the club .... goodluck


My phone will not receive phone calls or text messages.

They said it would be fixed by 10a.m. Monday morning, some sort of tower issue, but they had it fixed sooner, by 6:30 Sunday night. I never found out what the problem was but of the 3 customer support techs, 1 service tech and 1manager I spoke with all were very professional and as helpful as possible. I am very satisfied with the level of service I recieved. I have been with sprint since 2002 and this was the first problem I have had. 


Re: My phone will not receive phone calls or text messages.

I'm sorry that you're having issue with Phone Calls and Text. I checked your coverage area and there is a Network Ticket opened for cell site issue, Engineers have been notified and are working to make sure issue is resolved ASAP.Update Request for Ticket No : 8429146 With an Estimate date of repair  12/19/2011 .Details: Experienced the following Problem(s) in the Atlanta / Athens : Atlanta Market: Single Cellsite


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