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Hello I have had NEXTEL/ SPRINT for about 6 years and I have always used NEXTEL phone, The NEXTEL phones worked great never lost signal or ever had dropped calls! Well  just recently I had to have the HTC EVO, and so I got it, and what do you know I lose signal everyday, have dropped calls atleast a couple times per day and it is getting to the point to where i just want to dropp the company and switch! I have  2 sprint phones and 1 NEXTEL phone! And quess what the NEXTEL phone NEVER DROPPS CALLS OR LOSSES SIGNAL! So go figure! I have called tech support atleast once a day , and everything that they have me do dont work either!! I am so freaking frusturated with Sprint right know!! What do I do?? ANYONE PLEASE HELP!! BEFORE I BREAK MY CONTRACT!!!! I AM IN BENTON HARBOR MICHIGAN.

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Thats because sprints cdma network sucks. Plain and simple. The signal is weak unless you are next to a tower they rely on towers far away to connect your phone. The reason why Cdma1900mhz.



Benton Harbor's (surrounding area) Sprint coverage is spotty compared to Nextel being full coverage. Place your address in here and see if you should be getting service where your having the issue.

If it shows you should be receiving service but you don't, Call Sprint and have them open a trouble ticket to see if there is a tower issue.

For what it's worth, We vacation down by there and spend time in and around Benton Harbor and have never had any issues with coverage.



I have been without signal for a couple of weeks , but I do call everyday to let Sprint know, and their is problems with the Towers! And have been sending trouble tickets everytime I call, 1 tech told me to take my phones in to see if it was the phones so i did and of course its not the phones its the network, and man that Sprint store was packed with other customers having the same issues! what do you know! Well after hours and hours and the phone being transferred to different sprint techs, they have been trying from their end FINALLY! i am getting i months free service, and the representative calls me now to see if my phone is working better! finally !! well my phone is working a little better, but still getting dropped calls and text messages are slow but i am able to use my phone at night, before my phone would not work, so that is progress!! Thanks for trying sprint, but I was ready to cancel my contract!! I did not care, thats when they took me seriously!!! But they are trying !!

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