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No service 06067


No service 06067

Had to have my EVO Shift replaced yesterday due to a faulty screen, today I had to go back and have the screen on the replacement phone replaced because it was possesed by the devil and changing screens and making phone calls from the adress book without being touched.  An hour later I have no service at all just the soul crushing "X"....tried the restart, shutdown & remove battery, and give it dirty looks and curse several times each with no luck. 

I've been with Sprint just about 5 years now and this is the first time this has happened to me....I'm surprised at how quickly my patience has dissipated after attempting to get work properly for a mere 2 1/2 hours. 

I can turn 4G on and off, turn WiFi on and off, cannot turn on mobile network but none of that really matters because they're all living under the shadow of that god forsaken X.


Re: No service 06067

About 7 hours now and my phone still says "No service"...5 more hours and I'll be able to leave work and see if I get a signal elsewhere or if it'll pick up my wifi at home.  I'm guessing I'll be heading to the Sprint store for the third day in a row.

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