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Outage in Indianapolis 46217


Outage in Indianapolis 46217

For the second time in a matter of weeks I am unable to make or receive phone calls and text messages.  This has been going on for several days now and I'm growing extremely frustrated.  My cell phone is my only phone and I am basically cut off from any contact when I'm sitting in my own home which, according to the Sprint website, is supposed to be in an area that has excellent coverage.

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Re: Outage in Indianapolis 46217

I am in the same zip code area, and I'm experiencing the same  issues.  This happened almost exactly a month ago as well.  I spoke with customer service a little while ago on an AT&T cell  (which worked great, by the way).  ETA for voice service is "maybe June 5".  ETA for text and data is not known.

I had to call to get a credit for last month 3 day outage.  Only received $5.49 which comes nowhere close to covering the loss of business and inconvenience.  I have kids and other families that I need to stay in contact with as well.   I "may" get another basically worthless credit for this outage, but no other compensation.

This is totally unacceptable.  I will be dropping Sprint as soon as my contact is up later this year.

I will be reporting this to our Attorney General's office, and I encourage you to do the same.  We need as many people as possible to report this.   Something is doesn't sound right with this whole situation.


Re: Outage in Indianapolis 46217

I, too, will be leaving Sprint when my contract is up. 

Re: Outage in Indianapolis 46217

I am seeing 2 different tower outages in your calling market. Details are below.

Ticket 10046, Known capacity issue could cause customers to experience blocked calls, delayed messaging and slow data.

Customers in the following area(s): Central Illinois : Bloomington / Normal,Central Illinois : Decatur, IL,Central Illinois : Indianapolis,Central Illinois : Rural,Central Illinois : Springfield, IL,Central Illinois : Terre Haute may experience diffculties with the following services : EVDO Connection - Blocked Connection,EVDO Connection - Dropped Connection,EVDO Connection - No Service,Service - Coverage change,Service - Dropped Calls,Service - One Way Audio.

ETR unknown at this time.

I can understand this is frustrating for you and we are aware of this issue. I can assure you we are working to not only fix it, but improve your overall customer experience in the area.  I will report this issue to our network team.
Ticket 9136228, Customers in the following area(s): Indianapolis : Indianapolis may experience diffculties with the following services : Voice - Blocked calls.

ETR 06/05/2012 12:23 CST

ETR is just an estimate and can change at anytime.


Re: Outage in Indianapolis 46217

Hi Ray,

Can we get a bit more detail about the issue and what Sprint is doing to fix it long term?

This has been going on for almost 2 years, and at that time it was a Core switch that Samsung should of upgraded about 2-4 mmonths ago.  I assume that is still not done and might be apart of this problem.

Also is the fix something Network Vision related, or just a patch job on legacy hardware?  I was told it was just a patch on the old legacy hardware we currently have.

I know for Indpls the backhaul venders already have 1GB connections to a ton of towers here we just need Samsung to get to work.

Please any information would be great, I could not even call 911 I had to find someone with Verizon service in order to make the call.


Re: Outage in Indianapolis 46217


Hi I am extremely unsatisfied with Sprint's responsibilities in Indianapolis.

Well I think I have figure most of this out.

Trames Ticket 10046, has been open since Dec. BUT ticket 8217743 was open 4/2011, this ticket was closed and Sprint opened up a Trames ticket 10046.

The ticket is for Sprint’s Core network hardware.

Ericsson is replacing Sprint’s legacy core network with New All-IP core, BUT none of this has happened. Samsung is doing network vision upgrades for Indianapolis towers, BUT they are falling more and more behind with Chicago. Right now 100s of towers sit with 1GB backhaul waiting for Sprint/Samsung /Ericsson to get to work.

When the other poster said Sprint has been working on this since Dec, that is not really correct. The only way for Sprint to resolve this issue is to replace the legacy 10+yr hardware.

This should have been done first for the entire nation. Right now Sprint’s core wireless network is far far out of capacity.

All of our issues are caused by that, it doesn’t matter how many T-1 lines they add to the towers in Indpls, the core switch tells all of the towers to slow down data, drop calls, and block calls to reduce the capacity load on the core infrastructure.

So all of the network upgrades listed on are meaningless.

Sprint is supposed to have 12,000 towers upgraded by the year end, I see no way that is going to happen as of right now they have less than 1,000 towers upgraded and those don’t even have 3&4G turned on.

As a 10+ year customer and as a stock holder I am very disappointed in Sprint.

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