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Poor 4G Service


Poor 4G Service

In zipcode 98115 area. Using a 4G Motorola modem. The Internet service has been terrible the last week. We noticed that sometimes the service was slow or non-existent and then it would come on normal for a short period then degrade again. Replaced the local LAN network, including cables to no avail. I believe that the 4G service has somehow been compromised. Perhaps a failing cell tower component. I restarted the Motorola 4G modem and it took over 20 minutes to find the 4G signal (rolling through the 4 green LEDs on the top indicating search pattern). This has never happened before and the modem has always been in the same location. How does one contact Sprint to check and service their 4G coverage in this area. I have had similar problems with the 4G signal since I started coverage back in July but never this bad.


Poor 4G Service

You can call Sprint at 888-211-4727 and supply the mac id of the unit or the mobile number from your bill so they can find the account.


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