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Problem connecting to 1 phone number


Problem connecting to 1 phone number

Situation: trying to call my dentist's new office number results in a single ring, strange click, then regular busy signal.  Calling same number from any other network or landline connects.  Dentist's office moved to new building 3 miles north on same street and setup new phone number within the past month.  They are in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, FL.

I tried calling *2 and ended up choosing "other" 3 times.  When asked for my PIN, the system locks up and I can not continue.  Yes, I know my PIN, I'm one of the few.  I tried calling the Sprint Operator (0) only to be told to call *2.

What is the correct way to report issues like this?  As far as I can tell, it only affects this one number.

Thanks for all assistance in advance.


Re: Problem connecting to 1 phone number

Hello BizzyM, please send me a private message, I can help you get past this. Thank you.

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