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Problem with Network Mode LTE/CDMA


Problem with Network Mode LTE/CDMA

I just purchased an EVO 4GLTE and live in Overland Park just 2 blocks from the Sprint Campus (Ground 0 for the new LTE service) which supposedly started 2 weeks ago.  I purchased the phone at the Best Buy closest to the campus and noted that it had a very strong 4G signal in the store. Now, I notice at home (again 2 blocks away) when I am on the LTE/CDMA setting it will not get any 4G signal at all, it does show a pretty strong 3G signal but nothing will connect when it is in this mode.  When I switch to CDMA only mode, it connects just fine, just very very slow. Could someone please tell me what to do?  The 3G service is about twice as slow and what I was experiencing on my old EVO. I love the phone but cannot live with 3G that is half as fast as it was on the other phone. My biggest concern is why wont it connect at all when in the LTE/CDMA setting even though it shows having a signal?  COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?  I need to decide within 30 days whether to keep the phone or not. 

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