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Service Issues in NW Omaha, NE ?


Service Issues in NW Omaha, NE ?

I live in Northwest Omaha, Nebraska (zip code 68116).  I've had excellent signal strength for years there, but starting a few weeks ago the signal strengh has been abysmal.  I'm constantly dropping into and out of roaming.  The address is near 144th Street and Blondo Street.

Anyone know if there's a cell tower down or a known issue in that area?  And if so, can we get an ETA on when it's going to get fixed?


Service Issues in NW Omaha, NE ?

Yes, I apologize for the interruption and we are aware of problem and working on it.  ticket info below

EVDO Connection 8026793 At 2011/09/13 21:40:35 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the West Iowa / Nebraska : Omaha Market: EVDO Connection (No Service) . 09/13/2011 16:40:00 CST 3 09/21/2011 20:37:44 CST Not Cleared 09/16/2011 20:42:45 CST OM63XC480


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