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Sprint 4G in South Florida


Sprint 4G in South Florida

you don't fork out any money for class action,  the lawyers get fees for it, but thats the problem, they get the fees and the class usually ends up with next to nothing.

regardless, i'm surprised people even waste time posting here, its apparent that sprint could care less about its customers, they have proven that by blatent lies about where they would have 4G in south florida and compounded that by having reps say they are still building it out. 

but they really don't care once they have you under contract.  I find it particulary amusing that when getting a phone replaced thats under warranty they charge you 35 dollars for the priveledge with the excuse that the phone manufacturer warranties it and you can go to them if you don't like it.

Thats like toyota saying to go to the radio manufacturer if it breaks.


Sprint 4G in South Florida

interestingly 4g has poped up all over Coral springs and deerfield, problem is its in the wrong places. who needs 4g in the evergaldes ? turtles and snakes Dl'n animla porn?   Southgate south has it, 595 has it, 95 up to hilsbero blvd has it.  I should have it wher eim sitting now per sensorly as it shows that othe rusers have sucssfully connected to it but alas I can not.

I have spoken to sprint about this and they have swapped phones 2x done all sorts of testing and it seems that if you have a realy old acocunt 6+ years there is a switch that needs to be set in the system to allow 4g to connect. Once it was set I was able to conenct for 2 days then it went dead again. A call back to sprint presented the same issue, the account switch had to be set again. Thsi has happend 3 times so far and its every 2-3 days. It seems like there might be a lot of users that could conenct but might not have the feature tuned on even though they pay for and have 4g service.   Has anyone had any luck connecting in the coral springs area ?

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