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Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico


Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

For the past year Puerto Rico Sprint network has not been working properly, problems started when AT&T bought Centennial for some reason. But bigger problems started popping up since sprint made a press conference to announce their so called “network vision” network upgrade in Puerto Rico, if this is an upgrade is the worst handled network upgrade I’ve seen in my life.

Here is a brief summary of the problems we are experiencing on random basis:

  • Dropped calls.
  • Poor call quality sometimes on my end and some time on the other person ends.
  • Inability to receive calls –Sometimes calls go straight to voice mail other times it doesn’t making the other person think I don’t want to pick up the phone
  • Inability to make calls – I need to dial twice to make a phone call
  • Unable to send SMS – Appear in sending status and if I send other one that one goes out before the first one.
  • Sends an SMS multiple times – after sending an sms the other person receives multiple copies of the same sms
  • Slow data speeds – Consistently below 512kbps way below competitors 3G networks in comparison.

Summary of my communications with sprint:

On October 16 -2009 I started noting issues with sprint network (KMM64551911I15977L0KM) with the phone going on roaming.

On April 28-2011 I opened a network trouble ticket (KMM85539802V37479L0KM) about coverage issues in my house and adjacent areas – Sprint issued me an Airave device to fix the problem at least on my home. This is basically using my broadband service, for which I also have to pay, to fix Sprint shortcomings. And it hasn’t been without hicupps.

On August 30 2011 I opened another ticket (KMM90254916V833L0KM) about coverage issue now being more widespread than before. I was told to get my handset check and it passed all the tests. I was told about the network issues but no time frame given and this ticket still open to this time without resolution.

On October 22 2011 – took my phone to the sprint store again at Ponce Puerto Rico to have it diagnose for problems and it passed all tests and the Customer Service Representative acknowledged that there were issues with the network but did not gave me a time frame for resolution. While i waited about 7 different customers reported the same issues i have and all they could say was"There are problems with the network and towers".

What I want from sprint:

  • •1. I want Sprint to restore the network to its full capacity, provide detailed information about the networks status and a reasonable time frame for the restoration of services. – I’m paying for full service not half or a third.


  • •2. I want sprint to give me a monthly credit on the amount of at least 40% of my monthly invoice for the poor service in my area until they complete the necessary maintenance or upgrades.


  • •3. I want sprint to cancel my contract without the Early Termination Fee and allow me to transfer my number to another carrier that can give me the full service Sprint is not giving me.

As a Sprint loyal customer I want it to be option 1, but I’m paying $91.35 monthly for a bad service and I can’t continue to do that feels like I’m giving my hard earned money away.

If this is the way Sprint handles a network upgrade in Puerto Rico, I don’t know how you will do in US mainland where Sprint has a lot more subscribers than in PR.


Ricardo F.

Edit Zip code of areas with issues







Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

(KMM92002367V31770L0KM) on my case. Exact same issue.

Sprint offered to give me a free month,  but I had to renew my contract for two more years. Who in their right mind would renew a service with a company whose only response so far has been "we are waiting for parts to fix the problem",  for over a month.  No way.

I would like the same as the OP and a bit of respect from the company that has been taking 100 of my dollars each month for over 3 years.

Trouble area zip 00738


Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico


Sprint users in Puerto Rico we require a 40% monthly discount for the poor coverage, also be allowed to cancel the contract without penalty.


We have the Communications Regulatory Board and the FCC to bring a lawsuit against Sprint for poor coverage in Puerto Rico.


Re: Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

Coverage in Puerto Rico is horrible, another problem area is the 00926 zip code, there is a major university in this area in which many students use the sprint service which is ONLY useable outside, once you go into ANY building no signal at all however sincee the signal is marginal to useless the phone will refuse to roam.  I have sent many emails about this to Sprint and to be honest i've been VERY patient however I'm starting to believe this "network vision" project is all smoke and mirrors.  I have all the issues the original poster put in his post.


Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

Im in the proccess of filing a complaint if i dont get an official response from sprint this week.

Where to file a complaint?


Puerto Rico Communications Regulatory Board


But first I'd suggest everyone to open a network ticket by writing to or at this is a very important step if you want to file a complaint later!!!!!

They usually call you with a restricted phone number.

They will ask you for the location of the issue so be prepared with a google map address, zip code or coordinates in decimal format.

Share this post with other friends or family on Sprint and tell them to open tickets!!!


Re: Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

I also have been experiencing a LOT of issues, I have contacted sprint in multiple ocations and it has gotten me nowhere, in reply to one of the network trouble tickets I was told that it was going to take two months to have the tower fixed. 3G Speed tests are horrible, there is a GSM Company in Puerto Rico called CLARO and their EDGE speed tests are about the same as my 3G speed tests.  I'm lucky enough that my house is in a 4G zone here in PR and the 4G speed tests are about the same as AT&T 3G speed tests...

Here are some of the case numbers I have:

KMM90688510V2340L0KM, KMM90729939V85104L0KM, KMM90688510V2340L0KM, KMM90619297V55708L0KM, KMM90399581V23589L0KM.

It has been so bad that for almost two weeks my phone was roaming all the time, and I even got charged 56$ because while roaming everything comes out of my AnyTime Minutes (Which I did not know)...

My airave stoped working and it took the support team about three weeks to be able to fix it.

Speaking as a 6 years sprint client with a monthly bill of about $256 I do not think I am getting the service I am paying for. For reference the ZipCodes where I am having MAYOR issues are 00772, 00976, 00926, 00662.


Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

You know what I find really funny? According to your ZipCode, you are in Fajardo, I am in Trujillo Alto ... about 30 miles away and we got the same excuse from sprint... Does that mean they have one cellsite in the whole island?


Re: Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

I live in zip code 00926 San Juan , PR with the same problems, my wife called customer service and we got the same excuse car dealers use when they haven't repaired your car in a timely manner "we are waiting for parts". So, right now I can barely receive calls at home and blind spots or as my wife calls it "black holes" are everywhere in the metro area even next to the airport. I tried to get the Internet device to improve calls from Sprint but customer service told us we need to wait until, "the parts" arrived so they can fix the network. I am most of the time on Roaming.Also, 3G speeds are terrible, a co-worker has a Tmobile phone with way better 3G speeds I always end up using his phone tethering on my iPad. On the positive side I got a 4g signal (wimax) at the airport for 1 hour and did a video chat through the iPad flawlessly.


Re: Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

Finally problem fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY MYSELF!!! Switched to AT&T and now i have great LTE coverage almost every where i go... Sprint in Puerto Rico are a bunch of incompetent always a new excuse for their bad service. Their excuses are exposed now that a regional carrier Open Mobile enabled LTE, AT&T has LTE and T-Mobile started the deployment of LTE. So they didnt have problems with goverment permisions... an excuse for the delay given by me by the General Manager of Sprint in Puerto Rico and other employees.

Also the news that sprint is not using 800Mhz in Puerto Rico is dissapointing while AT&T and Open Mobile use 700Mhz... (More coverage and in building coverage)

So Patricia Eaves soon didnt come soon enough, Thank You for nothing


Re: Sprint Network Problems in Puerto Rico

Solved my problem just like you did.. Switched to ATT and my only regret is not doing it earlier. AtT coverage ia superb.. LtE is great.. So I suggest to anyone in PR anoyed by Sprint's crappy service to give ATT a try

It's true ATT does not have ulimited data.. But its better than Sprint's unlimited nothing.

What I've been told is that the "problem" they have with the antennas which they tell everyone that will be fixed when parts arrive means simply that since they no longer can use Centennial's towers, which now belongs to ATT, they've lost a lot of their coverage.

Im pretty sure that if most people here look back at the begining of their problem it'll be around the dates when ATT bought Centennial

Shame on Sprint for keeping lying to their paying customers... Thank god Im over it

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