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Sprint to get much better coverage!


Sprint to get much better coverage!

I transferred to Sprint and I honestly contemplated going back to AT&T, due to pretty bad 3G coverage. I thought that if they can't even maintain a good 3G network, than how can they support 4g, let alone LTE? I decided not to unsubscribe, I had unlimited data and thought that it would be a terrible idea to unsubscribe and see Sprint get service back up, when I have the same speed as them but with a data cap. Doing some research I found out that when Sprint rolled 4G they decided to go the WiMax direction, which as many of Sprint subscribers know did not work too well for Sprint. Now Sprint, unlike AT&T and Verizon needs to clean up its mess and put LTE (just like other carriers) up. This process is taking a while, but I am seeing physical evidence that Sprint is setting up towers, especially in my small city of Davis, California. At the moment coverage is poor, but I am giving them until June of 2013 to fix this (the gentleman at the store told me that I will be seeing LTE by March) or be very close to finishing or I will unsubscribe. However, Sprint is the only carrier with unlimited data and if in the future they will have speeds equivalent to that of its competitors' the only difference being that you have unlimited data. I suggest people keep their subsriptions now, and wait to see the towers set up. If they don't meet my deadline (which I doubt why a multi-billion company would fail) I will unsubscribe. I went down to Southern California last weekend, and was actually very impressed with the LTE, near Los Angeles. I have fate in Sprint, and am looking forward to seeing them rise back to the top.

Pouyan Kiani

Just saw this source, came out earlier today!

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