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U600 (2nd one!) not picking up 4G in a 4G - area,w/ 'good' signal!)


U600 (2nd one!) not picking up 4G in a 4G - area,w/ 'good' signal!)

I purchased a 4 G card U600  , worked great , good 4 g signal,--------- laptop died,get a  new laptop, then can't get 4G...........

take  it to where I purchased it.....  told I have to take it to Sprint store that has 4 G......great  thats ,26 miles away,. get up there , place is packed , they said to leave it , call them

next day , ."we have to order you a new one.", busy schedule ,  cant just " drive over " there,  so I get it , brand new ........

take it to where I work , still cannot connect..its a 4 G area ( again , I had a great connection before.)

it says " Good signal " on the 4 G side, but immediatley disconnects  after it connects ( fraction of a " second")

I asked Sprint if it could be my new computer. they insist  , NO. if its connecting to 3 G , its not the comp!

now Iam  getiing into the 3G megabytes, which I will have to pay for I;m sure...........

back  and forth with Sprint and ,store help is useless........

I am ready to cancel all phones and 4G

go with our home service , verizon, buddy has the new verizon 4 G card, works great

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