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West Palm Beach, Fl 4GLTE


West Palm Beach, Fl 4GLTE

I was told by the Store Manager of the Sprint Store at the Wellington Green Mall in Wellington Fl, on Black Friday that the 4GLTE service would be up in the greater Palm Beach County area by February. This person also told me other things that weren't true to try and upsell me accesories- unfortunatley a very common practice in commision based sales jobs. This makes me question the authenticity of anything he had said to me.  Out of curiosity I did a quick web search and I saw  that since september (supposedly) construction has been going on for my area. Is there any way somebody can confirm for me that there will be 4g service in Palm Beach County (or at least most of it) in Februrary of 2013? Oh I also failed to mention that that same store manager didn't tell me that Sprint only had 3g in our area for the time being until AFTER I'd signed my contracts. (Also Very underhanded IMO)


Re: West Palm Beach, Fl 4GLTE


Many of our customers are anticipating 4G LTE service in their area, especially when many of them have already activated LTE-capable devices. I'm happy to confirm that West Palm Beach, FL will be getting 4G LTE and improved 3G service in the coming months. Coverage maps are updated as we complete each tower upgrade at that location by going to I cannot confirm the exact date when we will complete our LTE rollout in West Palm Beach, so take unofficial reports (including verbal "he-said, she-said" comments) with a grain of salt until it's announced and confirmed by Sprint directly through or the Sprint Newsroom.

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